Hi there gorgeous possums,

I shared some goooooooood stuff last month.

Anywaysies… incase you missed any of the Good Things… here’s our radiant roundup!

1 Leonie's Scrapbook

Leonie’s Scrapbook: That’s MRS. Darcy To You!

My usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings as of late…

In this edition, there are:

  • parenting woes
  • an ode to my hall pass, Mr. Darcy
  • that time I nearly barfed in the gym pool because the oldies were kicking my ass
  • two girlz nightz out where I go wild (no drinking involved… I was driving the soccer mum van)
  • and the usual enduring sexual harassment of my husband.



I’m Learning: A Guest Post From Grant

A beautiful guest post from Grant our Chief Operations Officer + Shining Academy co-teacher.

We’ve both been on a huge learning journey of becoming better business managers, better creatives + better people since we started pressing each other’s buttons working together.

I love this ode of his. And of course, wanted to illustrate. It’s a beautiful affirmation for all of us – still learning, still growing, still opening our arms wide to a sometimes thrilling, sometimes scary new vista.

Read all about it here!


Free MEGA Colouring Book! 100+ Pages of Creativity, Mermaids, Unicorns + Colouring Magic!

I worked on this one for about six months… in the garden, at night, at conferences, as we moved from Hobart to Canberra, in hotel rooms…

Stolen moments of art… to make you this MAMMOTH 100+ page colouring book chockablock full of inspiration for you!

These pages will keep you going for MONTHS I reckon!!! As well as giving you some beautiful art to put on your walls + in your journals.

Snag it here!

failings of a mother

The Unworthy Worthy Mother

The truth of parenting is I absolutely do not enjoy parenting every single minute of every single day, and I think it is downright bullshit and so harmful when any person claims to or tells you should to.

I love my children deeply and ferociously. I would choose them again.

I was born to be their mother. And still, it is hard.

Come on over here to read more.


Because Of You…A Very Special Extra Donation Made…

As many of you know… we have philanthropy built into our business model.

We support a range of charities monthly + annually.

Read more about our latest philanthropic efforts here!


Women’s Collective Conference Canberra: My Illustrated Notes

If you know me, you know I luuuuuuuuuurve taking illustrated notes – it’s how I absorb information best. Here’s my illustrated notes from The Women’s Collective Conference Canberra – October 2015.

In this ebook, you’ll find my conference notes/drawings/doodles on:

  • branding wisdom
  • social media marketing tips
  • business finance advice
  • hiring suggestions
  • and more!

Download yours here!


ERMAGERD! I’m A Finalist For MyBusiness’ Australian Business Woman Of The Year Awards

I’m SO very elated + excited + blown away to share that I’ve been announced as a TOP 6 finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year!

AAAAAANNNNND… related! If you’re in SYDNEY… I’m going to hold a meetup Friday 13 Nov in the afternoon in the city.

More details here!


COMING V SOON: Shining Year Planners


This year there are significant changes to the workbooks this year and I know you are going to FLIP OUT when you see them!

Cart opens soon!

Click here for more details and to find out what’s new!

May your day be big, blessed + bright,