Joyful Flight blue bookcase.

this is going to be a amazing year, can u feel it?

Begin doing what you want to

do now. We are not living in

eternity. We have only this

moment, sparkling like a star

in our hand-and melting like a


~ Marie Beyon Ray

Finished my joyful flight blue bookcase last night… and it is sublimely delicious!

It is like a dream in a sky.

Have a new creative possibility that sprung today.

Can I just say…

I’m really really happy at the moment?

That this new year is bringing such beauty into my life that I can scarely grasp it,

I can only admire it as the tumbling waters of blessings rush around my ankles, my knees, my thighs.

Can I tell you that my new years wishes are already coming true?

That I longed to be stretched and turned upside down with adventure and challenges and the attaining of understanding?

Can I tell you that this new year I resolve:

I will be courageous

I will be my own woman

I will take the right way, not the easy way

I will take more time to look at the sky

I will have more balance

I will only take on art jobs that I am genuinely happy to do

I will value my art, and my time

I will continue to grow, and i will feed my soul for growth by surrounding myself with wonderful people, good books and nature.

I will be more conscious of the everyday bliss, the sacred in the ordinary

I will be more grateful.

And one… just one physical manifestation resolution that I really, really, really want to undertake:


You know what else I resolve?

To hug my dog more.

And, each night, to read before sleeping. To go to bed earlier, just to listen to music, with Chris by my side, reading books. To have quiet time before slumber ~ to fall back into a gentle space within myself, and fall into sleep thinking of that which I am grateful for.

I could cry for all the things in my life which brings so much love to me.

In fact, I am now.

I am crying for the man that is standing in the other room, because he is what he is, and I am what I am, and we love each other.

And I cry for my dog, because he adores me, and I am so blessed to have a dog in my life.

And for all the tremendous friendships and adventures and joy and art which fills me.

I cry because at lunch, me and Lile and Deb went bra shopping at lunch, and we just wandered about, talking about nothing, finding excellent chocolate, discussing the inflating and deflating of our bosoms, and I laugh because it is wonderful to have friends to do these things with. And I laugh, because we ran into Marita in the clothes department, and we giggle about sand in our jocks from our imaginery holidays on the beach, and we all make a date to go have gelati on Friday.

And I laugh, because on the bus ride home, I could barely breathe with laughter because Paris did the most brilliant impersonations of a grandfather… And I giggle now because it was like listening to ABC talk~back radio. Paris has the most remarkable manner of changing his voice, and even called his own work number so we could hear his serious smooth voice as the auto~teleprompter.

So I cry and I laugh, and I am one big soggy blissful mess of joy.