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I have a feeling that the world is lining up in such a way that there is synchronicities abound at the moment. The word just keeps popping up everywhere... People are experiencing it, and thinking about it. Keep your eyes ...
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Light a candle webpage... beautiful

Light a candle webpage… beautiful

This is such a beautiful website...Light a candle... for hope, love, gratefulness... ...
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On Compassion

On Compassion

I have been thinking today of Compassion. Being kind to others even if they are unkind to me. Recognising that if someone treats me badly, it is only a reflection on their own inward turmoil. Seeing that a disrespectful person, ...
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embracing the dark parts

embracing the dark parts

Self Portrait of me as a 17yo I recently bought Ruth Ostrow's Naked and Sacred... It has come into full use of late... I have photocopied articles from it, and typed out sections for friends who are going through rough ...
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Thought of day

Thought of day

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker "As far as I know, Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't compared herself to me today, so I'm not going to compare myself to her." ...
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Podcast: 10 Productivity Hacks That Helped Me Create $10 Million in 10 Hours a Week

OK, miniature pizza dudes and dudettes... FIRST! A STORY! Most of you know, I used to work in the Australian Government public service, possibly one of the most beige of all office environments. But did I let it dim my sparkle? I DID NOT. Did I let it tame me? I DID...

Leonie’s 10 Productivity Hacks Cheatsheet

Hey precious human, I've been thinking about you during these blooming wild, challenging times. Wondering how I can help. I know you can sometimes struggle with productivity, and getting distracted by a hundred and million things in life... and finding yourself stuck...

Podcast #016: Why I Decided To Write An Erotic Novella

Gorgeous humans! A new episode of Leonie Dawson Refuses To Be Categorised: The Podcast has just been released... and today we're talking about... how & why I wrote an erotic novella. Listen below: You can also subscribe via your favourite podcast player! You know...

SALT: my new erotic romance novella is OUT NOW!

Treasures, I'm absolutely THRILLED to share my latest offering to the creative gods... SALT: an erotic romance novella. You can buy it now on Kindle from Amazon US, Amazon Australia, Amazon UK (and all other Amazon websites too!) I've been wanting to write an erotic...

My Newest Podcast Ep!

Treasures! Have you listened to my newest podcast episode yet? If not, look no further!  We're talking my FAAAAVE books OF ALL TIMEEEE!!! If you know me, you know that every year I put out a post talking about the best books I've read during those 12 months. This is...

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