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Everyday Angels

Everyday Angels

I had the most eye opening conversation My dear friend at work, the purple headed goddess came to my desk for a SARK card And she told me about a new age workshop she went to a couple of years ...
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Yesterday I had a weight lift off my shoulders I went to a new optometrist My eyesight has gotten progressively worse since I was 11 I worried that I would be blind when I got old My new optometrist wants ...
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My Week... Looking in, looking out...

My Week… Looking in, looking out…

I have had such a big *growing* week... Everyday feels like a growing adventure ~ a journey. Today I did not feel sociable, I wished just to be quiet and let the lessons soak up inside of me. I pruned ...
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Happy Birthday Alyssa

Happy Birthday Alyssa

Today is Alyssa's first birthday. How I miss and love her *so* It is hard to be away from the family right now I would like to hold her again and give her birthday kisses and make her know how ...
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Different Stages of Journey

Different Stages of Journey

Why is everyone on different stages of the journey, at different parts of the path? Because we must have our teachers and our students, mustn't we? ...
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Silly me

Silly me

I am sorry I am so prickly toward you the one I love the most I am sorry I did not take your outstretched hand when you offered it to me I should have held it I am learning still ...
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Podcast: How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Love doves! Want to know how some entrepreneurs earn millions a year without actually creating or producing anything themselves? Affiliate marketing is the answer... here's my MINISODE about how to do it & create a lucrative new income stream! Explicit AF Just to...

Diary: 7 Little Things

Dearests, A list post today. Because I don't have much brain power for anything else. Listen as you read! Just hit play above, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCast (or wherever else you listen to podcasts!) I have big weekend plans. See above. I...

It’s been a big month… did you miss any of these?

Pooky bears, This month I committed to blogging every day in April. We're nearly at the end, and I'm stunned at how much I've been able to create. So much in fact, you might have missed some. So I thought I'd make you a helpful wee roundup of all the things I've made...

Queen of My Day Podcast

Baberinos! Let me share with you the wonderful interview I did with Ellen Holzschuster! Ellen says it best! "We are talking, thinking, pondering and laughing about  soulful living and what does it mean 🙏🏻 what it means to live your dream 🎨 how to honour your soul and...

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