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Different Stages of Journey

Different Stages of Journey

Why is everyone on different stages of the journey, at different parts of the path? Because we must have our teachers and our students, mustn't we? ...
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Silly me

Silly me

I am sorry I am so prickly toward you the one I love the most I am sorry I did not take your outstretched hand when you offered it to me I should have held it I am learning still ...
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Fruit Fridge Fantasy - the mango and the durian

Fruit Fridge Fantasy – the mango and the durian

I opened the fridge at work and inside was the most sweet warming swell of tropical fruit It fluttered into my belly reminding me, like the ghost of christmas past of an abundance of mangoes hot days and sticky fruits ...
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Quote on Home

Quote on Home

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." --Nelson Mandela This pretty much sums it up for me ...
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Red Hat Society

Red Hat Society

I heard of them on the radio this morning and thought they sounded wonderful women over 50 wearing purple clothes and red hats being outlandish and lovely a picture of the founding chapter... which made me just smile! ...
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Canberra joke

Canberra joke

A public servant, on his way home from work in Canberra traffic came to a dead halt and thought to himself, "This is unusual." He noticed a police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars, so he rolled down ...
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Mon-Dos: Goals For The Week Ahead

Loves, I'm always fascinated by Nicole Dieker's Mon-Dos lists (and Mon-Dids!) so I figured I'd have a whack and see if I like doing them as well. Might be useful to set my priorities for the week ahead... and it might supercharge my accountability by sharing it...

Scrapbook: I Love The World

Pookybears, It's important for me as a creative to make sure I'm consuming good quality creations... not just a mindless scroll of blabbering. Here's my scrapbook of all the things that have fed my eyes, heart, brain & soul over the last month. I usually collect...

The Rooted Reinvention podcast

Possums, I sat down with Katy-Rose Bye from The Rooted Reinvention podcast recently and talked all about how I refuse to be categorised! We spoke about: How we are animals (and zebras don’t base their worth on the width of their stripes) My dad, a North Queensland...

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