Make December Matter!


I recently had the joy of being interviewed by the lovely Mia for Make December Matter!

Make December matter is a one-day virtual experience for mothers juggling work, meals, emails and carpools — and are looking for a better way.

Mia has gathered an amazing group of women experts to help us visualise what we want, plan our December and our year — and make everything a whole lot easier.

It comes out Friday November 15th, be ready!

You can grab a FREE ticket and watch HERE!

Big love,

A Room Of One’s Own

“Women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


I am writing to you, with thrilling delight, from my new studio. My new office. My new room of one’s own.

For the last 18 months I’ve been working out of a corner of our bedroom. Before that, I had an office room in the houses we lived in. Before that, I would work and create from any space I could: kitchen table, park bench, cafe couch, even up a tree.

Having been without it, it’s a joy to return home to. This, a space of one’s own.

It is a room just behind our garage, across the courtyard from our home. Previously, it had no windows, just a sagging couch and a bar. It was a man cave for the 92 year old bloke who used to live here.

We got builders in to knock holes in the wall and add two big windows to bring in light light light air air air. I painted over the mottled beige with turquoise and white, then added glitter paint over the top for even more thrills. There’s kind of a giddy-ish delight to making something so perfectly custom-fit to my soul.

My husband suggested we re-floor the studio after my reckless wall painting adventures created thrills and spills across the tiles. I declined. My last office had white wool carpet from the previous owners. I felt constrained and tidy. I didn’t want the same here. I like this just the way it is. Lived in, created upon, non-dainty. Ready to be painted upon. It’s a real life artist’s studio.

Make paint in me, it says. Let great dollops fall upon the floor. It only makes me more beautiful.

This week I was finally able to move in. Desk in first. I have a basic plain white one that my husband bought from Officeworks and I traded him for a few years later. I turned it into a large L-shaped desk by adding a long trestle table to the side. I’ve had the trestle table for probably 15 years now. I bought it when I used to sell art at markets. The top is old and grotty, so I got some mermaid contact from Bunnings and laid it over the top. It looks fucking bonza now, and I feel like a legit DIY legend.

Then art up on the walls.

My art, and art from some of my favourite artists (and friends):


  • the big cloud-like armchair we’ve had for 12 years that is by far my favourite reading and writing chair. It’s peeling now, and our dogs have scratched it to blazes. And yet I’ll keep holding on to it for as long as I can.
  • a chipboard bookcase we bought 17 years ago and painted blue. It’s been moved all over the country and it’s still going strong! I just repainted one side because it was looking a bit grotty.
  • a cupboard that was left in one of our old houses when we bought it (it used to be garage storage). I repainted it and collaged it with scrapbook paper and glitter Mod Podge. I can’t bear to part with it now.
  • colourful woven rag rugs that I bought years ago for my kid’s rooms
  • a gaudy rainbow chandelier I bought cheaply 7 years ago but couldn’t find the right place to hang until now.

Plus great piles of books, statues, crystals and other taff from a life well loved.

And then all the creative supplies: canvasses, textured watercolour paper, gouache and acrylic and watercolour paints. Collage supplies, wool and sewing supplies. A vintage typewriter. I want this to be a place for making.

I’ve also got creative archives going back to my high school years – art journals and writing books. I put them all out on the bookcase but there is so many of them, the sheer bulk felt overwhelming. I have such a rich history of creating, but I don’t want it to feel overbearing. I want this space to feel light and ripe for creating NEW things. So I organised them all into file boxes instead. They’ll be kept precious, ready for digging through when I need it.

But mostly I will just keep looking forward to what I want to make next.

A space of one’s own. My heart is overflowing.


My youngest had her first day at school this week.

She goes one day a week for the rest of the year, then starts Grade 1 fulltime next year at Ostara’s school. We’ve been so thrilled with how her school is going, and how much Ostara is thriving. All the time I spent wondering and worrying about finding the right educational choice… and here we are. We’ve found something wonderful, and I am so grateful.

It also means that for the first time in 10 years (!!!!) me and Chris will have regular time without kids. Apart from a few very part-time nannies we had for a couple of months at a time, we’ve been in the thick of parenting duties since Ostara was born. We amped it up even more with doing homeschooling for almost three years.

Homeschooling was an absolute blessing and miracle in lots of ways.

I learned so much, and the family time we got to have together was so precious. I’m so very glad we did it. AND at the same time, I’ve discovered that my mental health is a lot better with having school in the mix. As a sensitive introvert creative who is likely on the ASD spectrum, having quiet time is paramount to my brain functioning well. A space of one’s own in my mind. What’s more, my kid is blooming too, finding her own path and place in the world.

So our family is going through a transition after ten years of being in the depths of little-kid-raising. It feels like so much is opening up with that space. So much possibility of what is next.

I said to a friend:

“I’m not quite sure we’ll know what to do with ourselves!”
“Maybe time to get a new hobby”
“YES! OR! We could have time to spend on the hobbies we ALREADY HAVE!”

We’ve always been pretty good at keeping our creative hobbies of course… but it was by sheer willpower, cramming it in random sized holes of time. And now we will have broad swathes of time to do them? It feels positively LUXURIOUS!


Will I work more?

Likely no. I’ll keep to about ten hours a week I think. Why change a good thing? Life first, business later.


Next week is my birthday.

My love asks:

“What would you like for your birthday honey?”

After 18 years together we’re long past the point of needing surprises.

And I said to him the same thing I always say to him:

“I want a night away in a hotel room by myself to read and make art and order room service.”

I’m a real raver, guys.

So that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

I bought a new book. I have a couple of magazines. I’ve got my trusty Kindle pre-loaded. I’ve got my art journal and markers.

And most of all, I’ve got ME.

My own best friend. My own delightful company. The healing presence I need.

And we have a room of our own.




Uluru is by far the most magical and sacred place I’ve ever visited.

I can barely enunciate just how magnificent it is: stunning, ancient, precious.

It feels like the heart of Australia.

We spent a week there before we had kids: walking around her, looking at her, taking an art class with Anangu elders, doing a walking tour with an Anangu tour guide, gazing at that incredible night sky.

At no point did we ever consider walking on her, just as we wouldn’t trample on a temple.

As our Anangu guide said to us: “Why would anyone want to walk up there? There’s nothing to look at up there! Uluru is the thing to look at!”

We were enraptured and deeply touched.

No other place has ever compared.

Uluru: 10/10. Highly recommend.

Fuck trampling. Just enjoy the exquisite miracle it is.

Big love,

It Turns Out…

A little bit of salt air.

A little bit of earth.

And I am quietly, deeply, softly content.

Free Online Training: 10 Essential Abundance Habits


Thrilled to share this new free online workshop with you: 10 Essential Abundance Habits.

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I Wasn’t Always Great With Money

Maxed out credit cards. No savings. I was one broke dreamer.

I was a typical creative hippy. I believed that I wasn’t good with money, and that it was shallow and unspiritual to even think about money. So I ignored it, and didn’t take responsibility for it. 

But then… I made a decision. I had dreams that were FAR too big to keep playing so small.

I didn’t want to be stuck with an office job for the rest of my life. I wanted to do something CREATIVE for my life! 

I knew I wanted kids too… and that I wanted to be home with them. And I wanted to be able to live anywhere in the world with my family… not just stay stuck in places for the sake of a job.

I wanted to be FREE. But to do that, I needed to take control of my financial destiny.

And I DID. I went on to create over $10 million in revenue, become a multi-millionaire, become an internationally best-selling author… AND do it all while working 10 hours a week. Most of all, I’ve been able to be with my kids. And that’s worth more than anything in the world to me.

HOW did I manage to make it happen?

There were 10 key things I had to change.

And I want to share them with you… so you can do the same.

Looking forward to sharing them with you!

To your shining abundance,

Illustrating My Day!

A page from my journal.

Drawn with my trusty Uniball Eye in a Moleskine Cahier journal.

With love and creative joy,

Proud Crafty Mumma Alert!

A couple of days ago I found an old wooden stepladder in the abandoned shed at the back of our property.

My nine year old immediately claimed it and decided to reno it.

She did a rustic paint job with chalk paint and then collaged the top with scrapbook paper and sealed with craft glue and glitter paint.

She has decided to use it as a shelf in her bedroom.

My crafty mama heart is so proud!

Big love, 

The Power of Healing Art interview…


An interview I did with Rita Loyd of Nurturing Art is up and ready for you to read!

We talk about, you guessed it, art and creativity!!!

This one isn’t a podcast, it’s written interview so have your eyes ready instead of your ears!

Read it HERE!

Big love,

Magical Crafternoons…

Had a magical crafternoon with my sweet friend Madi.

We set up a big picnic blanket with food and kombucha and art supplies and had ourselves a beautiful time under the sky.

My kids joined in too.

Then, once the sun became golden I dusted off my old cameras and took photos of Madi.

This, more of this, I say.

More art.

More picnics.

More lazy afternoons replenishing the soul’s well.

More gladness.

More noticing where the sun lights up the edges of leaves.

More photographing women as goddesses.

More to all of this, needed like I need air.

Big love, 

Who Am I? (Hint: It Rhymes with Shmeonie)

Hey party people,

A bunch of new followers around these parts… (HOORAY!) so I thought I’d reintroduce myself! WHO DA FUQ AMMMMM I?????

Fuck meeeee, where do I even begin?

How can I tie up all the parts of the rainbow that is me into words? I’m a multitude of things, and I am glad of them all.

I’m sitting here typing on the couch, on my laptop because I still can’t master full thoughts when typing upon a phone.

Kids are playing puppies and kitties in front of me, dog and husband beside me.

Fluffy old dog is sound asleep, positively geriatric but still as verdantly furry as her youth.

Husband is tinkering with tech as always, in ways I don’t understand but am endlessly grateful for.

Today, I sat on our wooden verandah and taught my eldest how to draw with oil pastels.

I reminded my youngest roughly a million times that bouncing on couches or beds is not a great idea when you already have your head glued together from the weekend’s previous bouncing endeavours.

Then when the afternoon was quiet, I snuck away for a couple of hours to work. I wrote love letters to the world, and made handwritten art, and created courses to teach people anything I know that might help them. I filled my well by learning from others. I ate Shortbread Creams and drank Spiced Apple tea.

All in all, it was a very fine, very ordinary day. Just the way I adore them.

And that’s how my days normally go: family first, always.

And then, I disappear into my creative corner to make art.

And help people.

And turn up to listen to Spirit, and hear what wants to come through.

I have businesses and best-selling books and all the rest of the jargon. But none of that really matters. What matters is that I get to do what matters to me, everyday.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad we’re on this magical journey together.

Deep love,

P.S. If you’re keen on hearing more from me and staying in touch, social media suuuuuuucks for that. Make sure you’re signed up for me free weekly love letters instead.