I have a delightful new interview to share with you!

A little while back, I sat down with Lou Hamilton; artist extraordinaire and creator of the Brave New Girl podcast to chat the shit about all things business and neurodiversity.

Lou describes the episode best:

This week’s guest is Leonie Dawson, an artist, best-selling author & award-winning entrepreneur, who has generated over $11 million in revenue while only working 10 hours a week. Her podcast Leonie Dawson will Not be Categorized flies in the face of her adulthood diagnosis of ADHD & autism, which in fact she believes gives her magic powers.

Leonie talks about donating a chunk of her wealth to climate crisis charities, why she’s glad she didn’t get diagnosed until adulthood, how she’s built a business on her terms, why being neuro-diverse is an absolute gift from the gods, and why she decided that 3 hours at 14  years of age was quite enough work to put into becoming a woman.

AND! Lou also did a drawing while we recorded. How coooool is that!

Ready to listen?

Click HERE and have all the goodness in your ears, pronto!

Enjoy my loves!