The One Thing That Changed My Business

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One of the things that really inspired me (+ still does) when I’m down in the salt mines of my business, trying to work out the next step, is listening to the stories of other business women who’ve been where I am + have had an insight that’s helped them along.

With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of gorgeous, inspired, soulful business women to share their sacred AHA! moment – of the thing that changed their business.

Today’s insight is for everyone who might be struggling a bit with taking action today.

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Building Support + Team Into My Business

Two and a half years ago I was in a very different place.

I was lying on the couch, or in bed, most days for about 18 hours a day. Exhausted.

With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a highly sensitive gut, and a fledgling business.

I was searching for business help, encouragement, and a road map to a better life.

And then, I came across this bubbling light that is Leonie Dawson. I’ve followed her ever since and her work’s been a beacon of light, shining the way down a path to creating a business that supports me. In every sense of the word, support.

Specifically, her new course ‘How to Build a Shining 6 Figure Team’ was exactly what I needed and encouraged me to re-hire my old virtual assistant. Leonie shares her experience with having ‘something-fall-out-of-her-vagina’ and telling her assistant she was ok flying solo and doing everything herself again. I could relate! Not because I’d had a baby, but because I’d let my assistant go last year thinking it seemed easier just to do it all myself.

I had so much trouble getting my head around making a system for someone else to follow that actually worked.

I’m a very process-driven person, and the idea of having to pre-plan how to train someone to do what I do intuitively felt like a massive hurdle. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how to do it. And so I went back to bed, pulled up the covers, and listened to Leonie talk about her experience making an Operations Manual full of step-by-step systems that anyone could follow.

  • Yes, they are a pain in the arse to create, she said.
  • Yes, they do make your head spin.
  • Documenting everything the first time is a nightmare.

But it’s so worth it, she cooed. So worth it so you can have your life back. So worth it, so you can reach more people and share your message with the world. So worth it so you don’t burn out.

Do it, Sweety. Do it.

Her words bounced around in my head for days.

“Well heck, if Leonie can do it, so can I” I thought.

And I did. I made a screencast video and talked through how I like things done when uploading my blog, scheduling my newsletter and formatting my Daily Seeds of Sunshine. Then I sent that video to my assistant and asked her to make dot points of everything she saw me do on screen.

I can’t explain the feeling of relief, seeing those dot points arrive back in my inbox, with a smiley face at the bottom of the signature from my assistant.

We revised the process slightly, and now, I don’t have to worry about it!

It’s done, every time, just the way I like it.

I was reminded how some people are excellent at fine details. They actually take delight in supporting others achieve their big vision. It’s not a chore for them, it comes naturally.

Just like having big dreams and a big vision comes naturally to us business owners. But we really DO need the support, and the expertise, and the team behind us to be more effective in the world and bring those ideas to life. If we want to do it in a sustainable way without burning out. Without resenting our work. And without feeling alone.

Finding and investing in support in all areas of your life is the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from Leonie in the years I’ve followed her and been part of the Academy.

The example she’s set has changed my life.

  • It’s changed the way I prioritise self care.
  • It’s changed the way I spend my money.
  • It’s changed the way I view investing in areas where my friends don’t.
  • It’s helped me value the work I do as the unique strength that it is.

I now enjoy practical, hands on support with regular massages. A cleaning lady. A mower man. A handy man. A virtual assistant. A book keeper. A kinesiologist. A mora therapist. And lots of online training courses.

My health has transformed. My business has grown exponentially. My relationships with my family have been blessed too.

All because Leonie encouraged me to become clear about what I specifically need in my own life and business. To create a team that truly, deeply supports me. That’s enabled my business to grow to reach well over ten thousand beginner gardeners around the world who want to learn how to grow their own organic food.

I know the work I do is important. Especially with the state of our planet and the food system, and it’s been possible to keep expanding because of the lessons I’ve learnt from Leonie.

Take care of yourself first, fill your own cup, build an awesome team to support your business, and dream big dreams.

Because with the right support, no dream is too big to come true.

Thank you, Leonie.

Thank you.

89Nicola Chatham is an organic gardening teacher and certified Permaculture designer who teaches beginner gardeners how to set up low-maintenance, organic gardens to support their health. Her unique online gardening courses The Abundant Veggie Patch System and Grow Organic Food in Pots make growing healthy, organic food simple, doable and fun. Get your weekly gardening tips, inspiration and FREE chapter from her eBook “Grow Abundant Herbs & Green… in Pots!” at