My treasures,

Finally finally at last at last, my hyperemesis gravidarum is easing. I’ve been ASTOUNDED at what a difference I’ve felt over the last week. It’s just so so so SO good to be back in life again! I still vomit 1-2 times a day, and still need a good couple of hours of bedrest each day. But I’M ALIVE! I’M ALIVE! I feel almost normal!

Which means I’m feeling hilariously motivated + excitable.


I daydream about this stuff while I’m going to sleep. It takes me hours to fall asleep because I’m so excited by life.

I am driving my hunky love absolutely batty with all my awesome ideas… I know he absolutely loves when I convince him that I need to write our Christmas card list! Now! In bed! Before we go to sleep! Because that’s so exciting!

The possibilities now I can actually THINK and GET OUT OF BED and OMG! GO OUT OF THE HOUSE TO PLACES OTHER THAN THE HOSPITAL are completely astounding. I feel like I’ve been born into a whole new world that I’m utterly spellbound by. It’s all SO EXCITING!

I figured it might help me feel a bit less OMG! if I write a good list.

And I thought you might maybe dig it too. Maybe you might like to write your own list for living the shit out of the rest of 2013 too. Or finish your 2013 Create Your Incredible Year to-do list. Or not. Whatever you like, lovebug.

Here’s my caveat on this list:


I still need to honour my body’s increased need for rest and self care.

This is just a list of playful possibilities. I’ll cross them off as they are done!

Leonie Feels Like An Energiser Bunny So Maybe She Could:

  • Get library card
  • Grow a garden
  • Go to dentist

  • Eat own passionfruit

  • See financial advisor
  • Write Christmas cards and letter
  • Get solar hot water system installed
  • Get screen doors installed
  • Create pregnancy journal
  • Write journal letters to Mermaid Daughter #1 & baby mermaid
  • Go to hardware store, clothes shop, bank, chemist + craft store for all the long list of supplies we need after three months of not being able to get out!
  • Grow a pumpkin or watermelon patch
  • Cultivate a morning routine
  • Start getting baby supplies

  • Get haircut
  • Get eyebrows done
  • Have Mermaid Daughter #1’s friend I come over to play
  • Have Mermaid Daughter #1s friend N come over to play
  • Connect with P (a wise woman I’ve been trying to track down)
  • Fix Mermaid Daughter #1’s wooden cart
  • Put training wheels on Mermaid Daughter #1’s bike
  • Reorganise Mermaid Daughter #1’s play area
  • Paint Mermaid Daughter #1’s play table
  • Move Mermaid Daughter #1’s bedroom + set up beautifully
  • Set up nursery
  • Get massage
  • Basket weaving workshop
  • Connect with local friends again
  • Make 5 3 2 presents (some long overdue, some for Christmas)
  • Make a firepit

  • Get new glasses from (did a home trial, didn’t like any of their styles)
  • Make a doll
  • Go to a womens circle
  • Get outdoor lounge for back verandah
  • Have some artist’s dates
  • Re-release “73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know”
  • November: Do Art Every Day Month
  • December: 2013 Instagram album
  • December: Awesome Christmas season
  • December: Make advent calendar again
  • Summer: Try aqua aerobics
  • Name our place
  • Make art + do crafts with Mermaid Daughter #1

Okay! That’s all! Off to go pester my hunky love/make stuff/enjoy vertical living!!!

He is SO LUCKY that he married the human equivalent of a labrador who mated with a cheerleader. I’m all: WOO! YEAH! THIS IS ALL SO AMAZING! I’M SO HAPPY! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

High fives, ya’ll.


Sloppy puppy hugs + kisses,