Hola gorgeous goddess,

No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah or Flying Spaghetti Monster Day, I hope your day is filled with:







Just like every.single.day.

May it be blessed.

It’s Christmas Eve in our little corner of the world.

The back of our little cottage here in tropical paradise is surrounded in sandbags. We’re in the middle of torrential flooding & we could get up to half a metre (!!!!) of rain tomorrow.

(Our driveway yesterday)

And yet, it is still and gentle.

I can hear the sound of rain, frogs, crickets.

Tonight, Ostara fell asleep in her papa’s arms for the first time since she was a newborn. It’s a Christmas miracle! She’s now all cosy in our bed.

My love is doing what all men do on Christmas Eve… filling out a workbook on self-knowing. (Helllloooooo hot aware man! YAY! Can I just HIGH FIVE the universe for him?)

And I’m blogging away & organising some new To Do List software. It feels strangely soothing… like I’m eeking out a vision of how I want my life to unfold.


We’ll wake up and open presents. I can pretty much tell you what presents mean in this house: books and books and books. Oh and an I Ching poster and some art and giant lego.

And the rest of the day will be hinged upon whether the skies open up and make our home a little island or not.

If we’re flooded in, we’ll consume large quantities of chocolate and watch romantic comedy movies and cuddle and play all day.

If we can drive down to the beach, we’ll gather with my ginormous crazy family plus add-ons to feast.

Either way, it’s all good.

You know what my favourite part of Christmas is?

1. That practising extreme self care (i.e. luxurious laziness) is so easy to do. Last night, the three of us curled up in bed at 8pm. We listened to Sia and read books and laughed and played on our ipods and listened to the rain on the roof. My god, it was GOOD.

2. I’ve forgotten number two. There was a number two!

3. Oh yes. The fact that for all of December, whenever anything good happened, I would say:


with my eyes all lit up like Santa just came down the chimney.

I can’t wait for good stuff to happen so I can say it again and AGAIN tomorrow.

Please, by all means, take it, use it, spread it. My gawd it is FUN to do!

It’s a Christmas miiiiirrrrrrrrrracle!!!!

Our tree is snow white and covered with glitter balls and glitter tinsel and glitter butterflies.

This year, I want to celebrate that I’ve made it through the most holy, profound, intense & hard transformation of my life.

That I’m starting to walk out the other side, starting to glimpse glowing embers alight and dancing inside me again, opening all the doors and brushing off the doorstep for Joy to find its way home again.

I’m celebrating my power and my strength and my courage.

My ability to be vulnerable. My gift at choosing healing again and again. My inner knowing that the only way is finding that light – that goddess inside me again and again. Even when I forget.

And I’m celebrating those holy things outside me too:

A man I love who I find unspeakably beautiful. A daughter who is absolutely everything I have ever dreamed of. A job being a Goddess, the job I was born to do. Two very fluffy doggies who want nothing more than to pour love on us every moment of each day. A family who adores us. A sweet little home in tropical paradise.

Thank you Great Spirit.

Thank you.

All my love to you, dearest goddess sister.

I think of you so often… my friend that I write to through the computer. I feel you all out there so intensely and deeply. Even if you don’t comment, I hear you. I feel so utterly heard by you. And I feel this wave rise up to meet me each time I turn to face the page, waiting to see what words will be revealed. I know you are out there, kindred spirits. I know you are walking this path beside me. Each of us on our own goddess journeys, facing challenges, learning the wisdom and medicine we need, finding the bright and blazing light inside us. My gosh, we really are a remarkable bunch. It is true. And I feel like it’s growing, this wave, this circle, this temple of goddesses. Good and big things are ahead for each of us. I just feel it in my bones. I can’t tell you how or where or why, but I have faith as strong as a mountain. It is there.

To you, my dearest, may your day, and all the days to follow, be filled with unspeakable beauty and utter sumptuousness, celebrating all of the very very good in your life.

You always, always, always deserve it.

all love,