Dear darlingest Goddess You,

I wanted to find you a bundle of treasures… to keep you loved up, inspired and centered this celebration season.

Here’s all the precious goodnesses I found…

brought to you by these two Christmas Goddess elves!!

Bring on the delights!

We love you!

I’ve been mooooning over these paintings by Happiness Through Art. Healing & joyful.

(They kinda remind me of my own watercolour goddesses, but the textures! And richness! This woman knows of love and spirit and of all the good things!)

These Holiday Stress Survival Tips are dang good. Thanks to my hottie for finding these. Three cheers for hot soulful lover men! Hip hip! Hooraaaaaay! Hip hip! Hooooraaaaaay! Hip hip! Hooooorayayayayayay!

Which reminds me: my dear friend Fabeku’s holiday Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit is blazingly bright & good.

My love affair with Bookshelf Porn continues. At some point I may get over it, but today’s not the day. Thanks for understanding sweetpea!

This website: When Parents Text has me giggling.

I’m in love with an only child. We’re thinking of being the parents of an only child. There’s not a huge amount of super positive “yay! only children” articles out there, so I flipping love this magical article that rights the scales: Why Only Children Are Awesome. (And honestly? I am pretty sure it’s all good no matter if you’re an only child or not. Love is the Big Thing.)

My beautiful friend Lis shared her beautiful birth story of adoption with us. And now she is putting together a project to help orphaned children in China receive love and nurturing. Can you please go check out her video and like it? Pretty pretty please? It would mean a whole world.

Cassie’s Museum of Magic is also still totally compelling me. A compendium of delight. How does she find it all? And her joy for life totally inspires me.

You know who I thinks shines so much love? Don Miguel Ruiz. Just hanging out on his website does wonders for the soul.

Tiny Buddha is way cute. Ze next big ohm thing. I like their Tiny Wisdom on Self Awareness.

Katie Berggren’s Etsy shop filled with mamahood paintings is beyootiful. (Thanks Goddess Mietta for sharing it with me!)

I’ve got a bit of a sailor’s mouth sometimes. I loved Goddess circle sister Kyeli’s sharings about how giving up swearing made her feel lighter and happier.

This week’s videos special: Learn EFT.

So I got told in a dream to learn EFT. And I got up the next morning, searched YouTube and did.

And I had a little voice tell me to tell you about the videos I used to learn EFT just incase one of you needs them right now.

And the below one… I tried watching all the way through, but was in tears within moments. I think I’m at my healing capacity for today… but maybe another day, mmmm?

All juiced up now?

Now… any time you need a reminder of love, goodness, peace and gentleness this celebration seasion… just pop back this way, okaysies?

We have your goddess back!

we heart you beyond ze moon,

“I loved the 2010 workbook, it really helped me focus on some important goals and changes that I was making in my life. It became my safe port in many storms throughout 2010 and kept me beautifully motivated and on track with making things happen. I can honestly say that I am ending this year in a much better place than I was at the same time last year and I attribute a lot of that to the powerful tool that is the 2010 Workbook. I have big plans for 2011 and can’t wait to begin it with the 2011 workbook!”
~ Caitlin Mowbray,