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illustration friday‘s theme this week is ALONE.

a beautiful crisp saturday morning. early.
you wake, put the dog outside to gallavant about with his favourite plant bucket.
pad to the dolphin and waves studio, laptop under arm.
here at your writing desk the world is at peace.
windows open, your hands grow cold in the stillness of the morning.
cold but alive. a theme these days.
even pain is thrilling ~ it points to growth and aliveness and living, full colour.
yang is asleep still. you, the yin, sits with a rug wrapped around you.

you think of balance. of the bad chinese you ate last night.
go back and read a favourite, comforting post about love.
find new ones about creative spaces.
even jen speaks of balance. we all are ~ thinking it and learning to speak it. j & k find words and shake them out onto the page. see what falls.

tracking life through cold hands in the early morning.
ponder the impending day. library. hierophant bookstore. mountain creek hippy wholegoods store with large drums of all things healthy. muesli. dates. dried fruit.
the fruit markets. i am lacking something and i think i’ll find it there.
and most importantly, a day with my yang. so much time spent together, but it is like returning home when our days are full of each other. full and spilling over the rim.

after months of floating on turquoise seas, face to the sun,
my ocean is starting to be choppier.
there is beauty even in that.

he speaks to me of mindfulness. reads stanzas to me from his lama surya das book.
treats our dog like his own child, his own equal. i see him grow and i see him bloom.
i see connections being made that will always touch our lives.

i see my beautiful brother has a quote on his email now.
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart.” ~ Helen Keller.
i like very much seeing this tender underbelly of my brother. it is daring and revealing and it makes me gasp in pride.

even when life is choppy,
beautiful moments can be found. captured, held, and lovingly set free.
there’s one now.