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i’ve written about this before,
when me and lisa marie decided to form Perfectionists Non~Anonymous.
today i realised i need to attend a few more sessions.
i opened my marks for my last art history exam, and saw i got 84%
my first thought was:
how can that BE? i knew all the answers to that test.
i even made up little flash cards and made bus friend paris test me
over and over again, until even he knew them.
it was a spiral down from there. into grasping for the land of 90%Dom

kinda ridiculous, huh?
i promised myself this year to have more PEACE and BALANCE in my life.
perfectionism isn’t conducive to that.
it’s my dog chasing his tail around and around. it only makes him tired and a little bit angsty (he’s a sensitive doggy).

so here i am.
taking a stand against myself.
saying: be gentle, be gentle.
everything is just perfect as it is, right now.


today i’m loving:

(as always) jen
the stories of my friend adam
my new knee high purple ugg boots from the fabulously hippy gorman house markets
our sleepy doggy sprawled out on the rug
passionfruit fudge from tuggeranong homestead markets
the bearded man singing at the markets that sounded like a syrupy james taylor
janeane garafalo, just coz she rocks.