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Hola gorgeous ones,

I’ve got GIIIINORMOUS NEWS for you today lovey!


September is your last chance to join the Shining Biz & Life Academy this year!!!

What does that even mean? It means…

The Shining Biz + Life Academy is CLOSING for enrolments of NEW members at the end of September!!

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If you’re on the fence about joining… or if it’s been on your “one day when I get around to it list”… ya gunna need to jump in quickly before you lose out!

It is your LAST CHANCE for 2016 to get into the Academy + work towards your dreams… alongside thousands of other women just like you who are getting incredible results already.

I don’t want you to miss out!

If you already know you want to be an Academy member:


Go! I’ll see you in the Academy, lovebug! GO NOW!


If you’re still wondering What The Actual Living Fruitloop the fuss is all about… Imma tell you ALL about it!!!!

So kitten… you are gonna need to hold onto your pantaloons before they get blown off by the sheer force of the value in the Academy!!

You get SO MUCH support + powerful, inspiring education as an Academy member!

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Here’s what our members rave about:

  • 112 inspirational courses (and counting!) for all aspects of Biz, Marketing, Relationships, Life, Creativity + Soul, with more added every month
  • A mastermind of thousands of vibrant women from all around the globe to support you
    Monthly Q&A coaching calls with me (worth $1000 + the ONLY way to connect personally + get coaching with me like, EVA!)
  • $2000 worth of tremendous discounts in the Shining Discount Centre, a treasure trove of deals for the software & suppliers you need to grow your business!
  • New workshops delivered live, then added to the training resources at your fingertips!
  • SPECIAL BONUS: The printed 2017 Workbook Collection delivered straight to your door as part of your membership (valued at $150!!!)

Everything You Get


All for one wildly, gloriously, you-ain’t-gonna-find-this-anywhere-else generous price.

The Academy is my shining gift to the world.

It’s my soul’s work + I’m focussed on providing as much value as possible for all my Academy members. EVERYTHING I create, EVERYTHING I do, is made for my magical members.

It’s simply the best way I can help you grow an incredible, beautiful, abundant business & life!

What’s more… we are NOT a flash in the pan, babes…

  • The Academy has been around for DONKEYS… since 2010!!!
  • I have taught close to TEN THOUSAND WOMEN in that time.
  • What’s more 80% of our members will renew their membership at the end of the first year because they get SO MUCH VALUE and power out of their Academy membership they can not IMAGINE living without it!!!!



Still thinking? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Academy is closing to NEW MEMBERS ONLY at the end of September.
  • You can join with either a Biz & Life, or a Life Only membership, if biz is not where you’re at right now.
  • YES! We have payment plans!
  • But this is the last chance you have to join the Academy for 2016. After the closing date, we’re not opening enrollments to new members for AT LEAST six months. That’s WAY too long to put your dreams on hold for, babes!

So if you have a goal that’s so big you know you’ll need magical support to get there, a dream that won’t be silenced, a vision of a world that is nurtured by your gifts, while earning you abundant dobleros, the Shining Biz + Life Academy is for you!!


Q: Are you closing down forever?

A: Nope. The Academy will continue to be run permanently, we are just closing the doors to new members until sometime in 2017.

Q: What if I’m already a member?

No changes for you – you’ll still get all your course materials, and you can renew at any time if you want to!

Q: Do I really get the books sent to my door?

Yes. The whole 2017 collection! Mailed to you in November!

Q: Do you have payment plans?

Yes! There’s a payment plan button as you sign up!

Q: Are you offering a 12 month payment plan?

No, only four months, sorry loves. 12 months = way too many people not following through on their payments.

Q: Are men allowed?


Q: I don’t have a business – can I just sign up for the creativity, spirituality, relationship & meditations?

Yes. We have a cheaper priced Life Only membership available!

Q: Do you think Mr Dawson is hot?


Q: What did you eat last?

Ginger kombucha + brioche. I’m a hippy with a sweet tooth. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME YOU DON’T KNOW MEEEEEEEEEEEEE #jerryspringer

Q: Should I go now and jump into the Academy?


Q: Will I regret it?


Spiral Line

Join now, while there’s still time! Memberships close 30th September!

And of course – any questions – just ask!

My Support Fairies are here to help! Email us at

Big love,

PS: It’s time to decide honey…

Are you ready to step up and make those BIG dreams of yours happen?

All the help & guidance you need to do it is right here!

Join my powerful, proven & popular program TODAY… I promise it will rock your ding dang socks off with delight!

Don’t miss out hon!!!


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