Hola dearhearts,

Here’s the latest scrapbook, yipee! A treasure trove of happenings in the Leonie Dawson faeryland.

IMG_0882 sml3

I penned all of my delightful Earth Angels a love letter, straight from me to you. Did you read it yet, darling?

3. Cake

I drooled over this AH-MAZZZZING cake… did I mention my birthday was coming up? SCORPIOS UNITE!!!!

Sooooo waaaaaaaant. Well, want to look at and eat. Not want to make. This cool chick shows you how to make it, too… if you’re gifted in the kitchen! #notme


2. CD LD

I selfied Mr Dawson and me. He begged me not to post it anywhere… does he not realise who I am or what I stand for?! I AM A LEONIE.

So here I am, posting it again. #YOLO

4. Elf

I celebrated this one. My little elf. She makes joy bubble up inside me. I laugh constantly. She is mischievous and self contained and powerful. She teaches her big sister how to be brave and run towards the world with wide open arms. She reminds me of me but most of all she reminds me of herself. It was a bloody hard journey to bring her into the world with Hyperemesis Gravidarum but she is a huge, hilarious, roaring lion cub of a gift.


5. Movies

I went to the movies and saw Bad Moms and took selfies while Lil was in the dunny. You’re welcome, Lil!

What did I think of it, you ask? I did a sneaky vid on Facebook land.

AND!!!!!! I received the images back from my GLORIOUS day of shooting for our Academy!!!


Have you seen the amazing vid it turned out yet?! SOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF THIS ONE!!!!

It only took nine hours to record 7 minutes!

Don’t forget the Shining Academy is closing to new members at the end of September!!!

Shine2016_Ad7 copy Shine2016_Ad4 copy


7. Sunny Daisy

One of our INSANNNELY talented Shining Academy members noticed how much I was wearing her brand throughout the September promo video and created this!!!

It wasn’t intentional at all – I just love Sunny Daisy Tie Dye clothes and buy them for me and both the kids (I’m even wearing some right now as I type…. Helllllooooo tie dyed yoga pants!!!)

Anyways, this cracked me up. I have a style… And that style is tie dye!!!!! #fuckenhipppppy

8. Spring fairy

We had a craft-fest at the Dawson digs!!

A spring fairy for my spring-adoring fairy girl. These needle felted fairies are just gorgeous and so fast and fun to make. No pre-skills needed – no knitting or sewing or crocheting involved… Which is good coz I’m pretty fucking terrible at those at this stage!


If you’re wanting a video tutorial on how to make, there’s one in my Academy.

9. Pouch

Next, a little handsewn treasures pouch for Starry girl. I started it months ago at a crafting party with friends… It took Starry finding it in my sewing box and informing me it must be done to get it finished… Glad I did. A happy hour in the sunlight in the garden with my sweet ones until it grew too cold.

10. Pouch 2

It’s not like Beffy could miss out on a handmade treat… So she got a little treasure purse to hang around her neck and stuff leaves and rocks in. I had a spare sheep template I had cut out, so I sewed that on and needle felted some curly wool on as well for extra textured fun. Both treasure pockets have been a hit this afternoon, with much ferreting between rooms.

11. Dragonfly

Then came the dragonfly crowns to wear during our nightly dance party. These were Starry’s creation. #ridiculouslycute

And just for something tender…

Here’s a look back at this day six years ago…


Yes! That’s Starry as a wee baby… holy dinger she was a cutie! ARGH! And now she’s making dragonfly crowns!

Also: Mr D, you iz fiiiiine.

Spiral Line

Okay kittens, that’s all from me!

I’m off for more writing… so much to share with the Academy closing enrolments this month! If you’re wanting to be a part, ya need to jump in now!

If you’ve got any questions about the Academy, do make sure you email us – and my lovely fae will help!

Big, tender love,

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