Hola gorgeous goddesses!

This is the edition where we cover the rest of the Creative Goddess questions, including:
“I’m already creating. What would I get out of this course?”
“About this whole “Goddess” thing… I don’t know if it works with my religion”
I’ll be answering the question that everyone {i.e. three goddesses in one hour} is asking: “Ummm, when IS December 1 in Australia? Aren’t you in the future? Isn’t that like OMG NOW!?”

First, let’s check-in with the talking stick…

The Sacred Talking Stick…

The talking stick is used by in womens circles. Originally from the Native American tradition, a talking stick is passed around in a circle. Whoever is holding the talking stick, speaks. Everyone else listens. And then the stick is passed on, each person in the circle having the opportunity to share, and listen.

So I invite you to take the talking stick if you are called ~ and you can check-in and share in the comments section.

And right now, here’s what I wish to give voice to about my journey:

Two nights ago, I dreamed that a big mama buffalo walked up to me. I was surprised, because totems have been my totem for quite a few years, but I hadn’t heard from them lately. Mama Buffalo took me back to her buffalo cave, and laid me down in a corner of the cave, wrapping me up in a buffalo skin. I felt so comforted and nurtured and protected in that buffalo cave, that I fell into a deep sleep. That night, I slept more deeply and soundly than I have in weeks.

My first real live buffalos

My thoughts about the Dreaming ~
I’ve been walking with the Buffalo as a totem for three years or more, after we were asked to take on names in a womens circle. {I will explain more about totems in another post for those interested.} Buffalos are a symbol of abundance, and they are also a symbol of strength and power. They are a sacred animal – they give all of themselves over to Great Spirit. Mama Buffalo was talking me back to the cave to replenish my energy that has been physically unbalanced lately. I so so so LOVE what I do, but I’ve forgotten to use cave time to sleep, re-energise and be nourished in return.

My second feeling from the Dream is the symbology of Mama Buffalo wrapping me in a buffalo skin. Like I am becoming a buffalo, initiated even deeper into her tribe. My love for buffalos and their wisdom is inexplicable, and unexplainable.

And once again, the buffalos are showing me how to walk the path of my life in beauty, truth and peace.

So that’s where I’m at… sitting as still as I can, remembering to return to the cave, re-nourish and re-energise…

And you, my sister?

Already Creating: the question

This one is for those of you who are already creating… whether that’s with dancing, painting, collaging, scrapping or photographing. You might be wondering:
“I’m already creating. What would I get out of this course?”

I’m pretty sure – about 100% sure – that you’ll get a lot out of this course.

I’m an artist. I have one or two days a week where I’m painting from 9-5. And yet – creating in a circle, trying new projects and mediums, and creating soulfully fills me up in a whole new way. When I have a Sunday afternoon Creative Goddess circle with other souls, I get so re-energised and inspired. As artists, we can get very comfortable in familiar patterns of creating. This e-course is to shake it up a little bit, and get us all exploring creativity in a whole new way. I forget sometimes to use art as a sacred journey. Remembering it in a circle is the best way to find it again. Plus, this e-course has a whole lot of different creative projects in different mediums and styles you haven’t tried before. I’m pretty sure it’s gunna make you ecstatic and make you look at and *experience* art in a whole new way. But that’s just me. 😉

The Religion question

I get this one, I really do. Because I get this question *a lot* whenever I meet someone and tell them I’m a Goddess.

So if you’re asking this question, I gotcha back sista 😉
“About this whole “Goddess” thing… I don’t know if it works with my religion”

And maybe from an even simpler level… “what is this Goddess thang all about?”

So, to make it simple.simple.simple, here it is:

The Goddess thang is about remembering that we are all divine. It’s about knowing that inside us, there is a Goddess, a Wise Woman, filled with love, wisdom and compassion who is waiting to help us on our journeys.

The Goddess thang is about reclaiming every wild, precious, profound, fabulous, creative, radiant part of ourselves, and *living* that.

The Goddess thang is about seeing, finally, with clear eyes, how utterly beautiful we are.

So that’s what I’m doing here. Creating ways for everyone to experience that, and feel that too. Because, damn it’s a good thing to feel.

And will it work with your religion?

Yes. Because it’s not about believing anything but the possibility that you.are.beautiful. And precious. And divine, profound and wise.

Women have been circling together for aeons, and it’s only been in recent centuries that we stopped coming together to share, create, learn, listen, grow and love together. Coming together again feels like a miracle, and a memory reborn. I remember when I took my Mama to her first women’s circle. She said to me afterwards “Leonie, I don’t know why I thought it was such a fuss before! It’s the most natural thing in the world!” That it is. Natural and beautiful and profound.

I’ve circled with and done work with women from all kinds of faiths – Christian, Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Mormon. And it works. Being a Goddess is a way of being – not an exemption from believing. I reckon we all just need to believe whatever makes our hearts sing.

And my faith?
I believe that people are good. And that the world is deeply beautiful. The rest is constantly evolving. 🙂

Now, the Timing thing.

So, I’ve been writing that Goddesses who sign up for the e-course & circle by December 1 get an extra treat in the mail for Christmas. Woo hoo! But then I started getting emails from goddesses in the USA & Canada saying “OMG! Aren’t you like in the future already? Isn’t it December 1 already?” And yes, I’m totally a futuristic Aussie babe living in tomorrow. {Tomorrow is rad by the way. Utterly beautiful. I’ve checked it out already, and given it the all-clear}. But anyway, a deadline in future-land is totally confusing for people living elsewhere.

So here’s my amusing resolution.
This tickles my fancy.
You can sign up while the clock is still December 1 somewhere in the world.
And wanna know where the last place in the world experiences the day? {This is exciting. I’m googling it as we speak}

Woah. Officially.Brain.Blown.Off.

The last timezone for the day is UTC-12. And I quote from Wikipedia:
“No human habitations are in this time zone. Ships using this time are the last to begin each calendar day. Uninhabited Baker Island and Howland Island are the only landmasses in this time zone.”

And yeah, totally, you can pretend you’re a seaman at sea at UTC-12 enrolling in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle in the last fragrant of Dec 12 for the WORLD. I am *totally* down with that.

But I really want to know now who gets to be up at midnight rocking out in yesterday long after the rest of us are in tomorrow. So… the search continues! UTC-11, who belongs to your sacred late-night lands? Well well well! You can also pretend you are Samoan, Niuean or American Samoa. Because that’s TOPS.

Who says I never share amazing sciency-geography things here? 🙂 I think we’ve all learned something new today. Anyway, the moral of the story here is, if you *are* wanting to sign up for the Creative Goddess e-course & circle AND want to get an extra treat in the mail before Christmas, you have until midnight, December 1 in uninhabited Howland Island to do it. Which is like 24 hours time. Or something. Just do it before you forget, mkkay?

If you’re wanting to sign up for the course, but not right now, that’s cool too – you can sign up right until the course starts on January 15. This call out is only for goddesses looking for the extra treaty goodness. And if you don’t wanna sign up right now, but am reading coz you love me, I still love you too! It’s all just so perfectly perfect 🙂

Loving you all – from Goddess SeaWomen of UTC-12 all the way to Goddess Womens of UTC+14 {Christmas Island}… this whole beautiful wide world over.

Big world love,

Gorgeous goddesses who sign up for my Creative Goddess e-course by Monday December 1 *today* get an extra Creative Goddess surprise in the mail for Christmas. I so hope you can join us in this magical, inspiring and creative course & circle starting Jan 15. The perfect way to begin the New Year!