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I’ve been doing Tara Brach’s “Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom” course… above are my notes in my art journal. The background is a collage of wrapping paper that my creative penpal Tammy Hudgeon sent me.

I’m also now of an age where I like to adopt adorable people in their 20s as my nieces and nephews and enthusiastically encourage all their endeavours while furiously taking notes on how The Youth Of Today Speak. I think this is where I am supposed to put this: 💅 🔥  💯  but definitely not 😂 .

Anyways, one of my adopted nephews is Bilvy who is a ridic talented comic illustrator. He made me THIS masterpiece to encourage me on my latest challenge. BEHOLD!

I’ve been reading through a stack of books on meditation that I retrieved from my husband’s extensive collection.

So far the one that has stuck in my mind most is this short book on meditating by Matthew Johnstone:

I’m an addict of graphic novels – I’m a visual thinker and it helps me understand on a much deeper level. The pictures just stick in my mind, and I return to them over and over again like a touch point.

This one especially:

When I’m meditating now and my mind wanders, I think of this image, and remember that all I need to do is focus on my breath… pay attention to my nose… how the air goes in and out through my nostrils.

This morning I meditated, and I could feel myself becoming as still as a stone Buddha, and thought of this image. And I thought of how the sun would warm my stone skin. How I could watch the floods and the flowers growing afterwards. How at night there would be a huge expanse of stars above me. I could feel a slight smile on my lips.

Back to weekend-ing. These journals won’t write in themselves!