Boo boos,

Friday night. I am, in a word, exhausted.

Still getting over that horrid cold.

Then my 6yo had Round 2 of Horrid Cold, and has been home for three days sick.

Remember how I waxed lyrical about my three perfect days of parenting last week with my sick elder kid?

HA. HA HA HA. Fuck.

Turns out, there is a WORLD of difference between having an almost 11 year old at home and having a 6 year old at home.

HA. HAHAHAHAHA. Fuckkkkkk.

My youngest kid is ADORABLE. So very, very sweet and delightful. And, of course, because of her age, a never-ending fire chasm of enthusiasm and talking talking talking and asking many many questions and not listening to any answers and being bored every five minutes.

Which is awesome, and also: not optimal when trying to work or recover from your own wretched cold.

Oof. Bless.

I’m super keen to at some point get through a week without any of us being sick. Can we do it?

I was finally well enough to be able to record some podcast episodes this week which felt wildly exciting.

I’ve also booked in for another photoshoot with my beloved Eyes of Love. You can see the behind the scenes of our last photoshoot two years ago here. We’ve pretty much used up all the photos from that shoot now, in various courses and offerings. I ADORED that photoshoot. And this time I want to take it to the next level… make those photos look positively understated in comparison. MORE colour. MORE clutter. MORE.

I’ve found a magically colourful B&B to do the shoot at. And now need to start looking at what I’ll wear for it. I’m putting together a secret Pinterest board with outfits I’ve already got, a couple of things I’ve ordered, and if there is anything else I’ll need.

What it’s looking like currently:

Basically, I want the theme to be: TURQUOISE + RAINBOWS.

And then I made a bad life choice – I thought I’d try out that whole thing for the first time. I wanted to get some new chunky, colourful jewellery. Five hours later, and I emerged, bleary eyed, thinking: WOT THE FUQ HAVE I DONE. WOT WAS THAT. THAT WAS A BADDD IDEA.

I ended up buying just absolute shit and wasted money and felt like a climate marauder. I should have just gone to some local boutiques and had a nice hour buying a few things there.

Anyways, it totally wrecked me. I had trouble sleeping, and needed a nap today to make up for it. Never again, boo boos. Never again.

It did however expose me to a new business model!

This morning, I happened to see an Australian clothing website, and realised with a start that all the photos were… the ones I’d seen on Wish last night. I did some digging, and discovered there’s actually a whole business model where people set up Shopify sites that just sell Wish products – and the Wish vendors fulfill the orders via dropshipping. And of course, they are charging 2-3x the price of the original Wish product for offering a curated experience. There you go! The things you learn!

Related Request: do you know of any places to buy plus-size kimono/cape/dusters? Bonus points if you can find a lilac/purple coloured one. Even more bonus points if it is cotton or natural fabrics! Please email ( if you know of any!

I was going to post that as a question on my social media before realising HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s right, I’m not on there, and what’s more, I’m never going back.  It’s such a small, slight inconvenience to bear rather than the inconvenience of my life being thrown down the attention hole. Plus, I can just ask all y’all instead!

Righto, I should finish up before I fall asleep. This Mama is tired.

I love all y’all.


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