Listening to a cd the beautiful Lisa Marie made for me…

and one of the songs stuck me so much ~

Dar Williams ~ “After All”

Well the sun rose with so many colors

It nearly broke my heart

And worked me over like a work of art

And I was a part of all that

‘Cause for every price

And every penance that I could think of

It’s better to have fallen in love

Than never to have fallen at all

‘Cause when you live in a world

Well it gets in to who you thought you’d be

And now I laugh at how the world changed me

I think life chose me after all

and that pretty much sums it up, you know?

So many moments in my life which have been so dang beautiful that they’ve nearly broken my heart, and I try to grasp those moments, with my pen, with my lens, with my words.

The weekend was quiet but good. Frustrating in some ways, but that’s only the pushing feeling of growth.

I pulled a card. Three times.

Out of two different packs.

It was all the same word. I kid you not.

A B U N D A N C E.

So I dance with abundance.

I dance like tumbleweed.

We are all tumbleweed dancing across the plains, lifted by the wind, grounded by our own weight. We are scattered and yet we are the same.

We move with grace, we grow bigger as we travel across this land.

We are all tumble weeds.

And I fight against the dying of the sun, and I relinquish the fight.

There is nothing but myself to fight against.

The other half is going through his own movements… visiting the town of funk… the town of pre~festive; the town of longing to be by the coast and with family this christmas. And I can understand that. I know that town.

What’s important is our own stumbling, clinging, holding, partnered dance of abundance.

with a dog in the middle, stepping on our toes.

Yes, that is my weekend.

I painted, I spent hours on the couch cradling my belly and the dog. I frustrated over my paintings, and then let go.

It is all as it is, and it is all beautiful in its own sticky hot summer way.