these days, they are the big ones.
dark but powerful,
and becoming ever clearer.

things strike me. hit me in the solar plexus and touch my heart.

my women hold me.
i hug. i get held.

fear rises and sinks.
love grows. self love grows.
i recite to myself:
you are loved Leonie. you are supported in all directions.
you were born into this world to love. to grow.

standing at the bus stop, watching lights turn from green to red to green and back again.
i leave my body then. lose all sense of myself.
reality’s thin shield of colours and motion and circumstance dissolves.
i see it from a distance.
i stand there for moments and i hear my ego trying to pull me back in.
it keeps saying:
but you work leonie. you’re a public servant. you just finished work. you’re about to catch a bus.
it seems rather amusing to me.
without attachment to reality i think… why am i here?
and i see. i see i am a soul on a journey. here to learn.

i see. i ask. i open. i am.

:: where is the love by black eyed peas
:: deb, bianca, juliana, andrea, julia, amanda, jet, louie, ellanita, raquel. women of the sacred honu circle, jaguar temple, and moon lodge. i sleep with angels. i circle with goddesses. i am honoured with our sharings, and the love.
:: spontaneous hugs with people i haven’t hugged before
:: chicken sandwiches on thick sliced bread