My 6 year old did this portrait of me sitting on the couch, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Pookie bears!

Okay, so I had a couple of you email in asking if they’d missed a daily writing. Even my eager assistant was like WHERE WOZ IT LEONIE.

As I’m settling into the routine of this, I realised one major flaw: I was so busy writing, I wasn’t always getting enough time to create some other pieces that need to be done.

So I’m making a revision to the experiment: as long as I’m pressing PUBLISH on something, and have created something, it TOTALLY counts. Creating & publishing is the big goal here!

So yesterday, I made the free printable of things to declutter around your home.

Today, I wrote the content for & recorded a long podcast to be released next week… all about… How To Record A Podcast! SOOOO META!

Every day won’t be the same format of Leonie rambling, much as I love writing these. Every day will be making & sharing SOMETHING in one form or another. Sometimes printables, sometimes PDFs, some blog posts on a topic, sometimes a webinar… whatever wants to come through me is fine with me! As long as it’s an act of creation & sharing, it totally counts.

Today has been most productive.

  • I slept in until 8am. AWWWW YISSSSSS. I love a good school holiday sleep-in!
  • We ran errands. I took library books back, took another car load of decluttered stuff to the charity shop, and grabbed some groceries. I’m on a decluttering high… it just feels SO GOOD to say goodbye to so much stuff we weren’t using. And it makes me so happy to see it going to new homes where it WILL be used!
  • I had an insatiable need to… vacuum when we get home. I’m not even joking. Specifically, I got the duster attachment for our Dyson cordless stick vacuum (the greatest known invention to earth) and sucked all the dust off our bedroom surfaces. WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE.
  • Then I got ready for my Asperger’s diagnosis review… only to discover I’d fucked the time up because of daylight savings, and I was an hour late. Dammit. I was sooo looking forward to hearing the results. Will find out next week!
  • I organised all my kids’ LEGO into new containers which store under their new beds, and they’ve been playing with it ever since.
  • Then I did the most thrilling task… I got out EVERYONE’S socks, and did a sock review. Threw out ones that were holey or unmatched. Donated usable sock pairs that didn’t fit anymore to charity. I found socks that Chris was given 15 years ago that we’ve never worn because we didn’t like, but also can’t so no to free shit. Anyways, our sock pile is positively CONTAINED now. WHO EVEN AM I? DID MARIE KONDO ALIEN ABDUCT ME AND GIVE ME A LOBOTOMY? DO I NOW HAVE THE CHIP INSTALLED THAT MAKES ME ENJOY THIS KIND OF SHIT?
  • Afterwards, I fucked off into my studio to drink ginger kombucha and tick shit off my list.

Currently reading:

Millionaire by Stu Silver & Steve McKnight. I won’t link, because it’s not a five star book. It’s a conversation between two blokes about real estate investing, and I’m assuming it’s a lead magnet to get people to invest in their property fund. I’ll finish it however because there’s enough nuggets of insight in there to keep me going. I do like reading about shit I have no clue about because it gives me slightly MORE of a clue. Plus, it’s got some ridiculous stories in there about the worst properties they’ve seen as real estate investors. That always cheers me up! HO HO HO.

Which reminds me… I need to get to finishing the Best Books of 2020 list. May need to work on that one for tomorrow’s exercise. Or should I do a blog post about Being Prepared for Christmas? I must say I’ve become Organised Extraordinaire in the last couple of years… I finished organising in November.

Let me know. Email me and YOU DECIDE!

And of course:

Big hugs, my dearest penpals,