Let’s talk stress management!

Having a business is bloody amazing and brilliant and fantastic, but it does come with stress!

First and foremost, you have to recognise that YOU are not your business. And, very importantly, the success of your business does not indicate your worthiness as a human being. Nope. No.

You get to just exist and be loveable and worthy.

Next! You want to make sure you actually have a life outside of your business… Have some hobbies, dammit!

Don’t try to be a business machine 24/7. That is not mentally, emotionally or physically sustainable.

Have a brain holiday! Read trashy romance novels like I do hehehe.

Also, get yourself a venting partner or a mastermind group! That way you can talk about your experiences, troubleshoot problems and just have a big whinge in a safe and appropriate environment.

I am cheering you on! You’ve got this and I’m sending you so much love!

Love always,  


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