Dear You,

Did you know you were born for a reason?

Yes, YOU. Yes, YOU.

You were born to be born, to wake up and to live.

Inside you, there are a hundred million gifts waiting to be shared.

Tell it to us. Tell us your story.

You. Yes, YOU.

I want you to know you are an angel.

Whether you believe it or not.

Whether you see it or not.

I see it and it is so damn bright it’s hard to ignore.

Tell me your story. Share your gifts.

You, my darling. You.

There’s a big bright world waiting for you.

There are thousands craving to hear your words, to know what only you know.

I ask you to step up.

Steep your heart deep in courage.

Live your life with faith.

Know you were born to be you.

Love, you are loved. Darling, dearest you.

I know the road has been rough.

I know it sucked giant borg for parts back there.

Let it not dry you hard up.

Let it smooth you like a river stone,

sloughing away all the parts that don’t belong to you,

letting you glimmer in the light.

You, dearest you.

You are meant to be here.

Hand on my heart.

You are a teacher of your story, a healer, a muse, a wise woman, a goddess.

The whole world is inside you.

Waiting for you.

Flick the switch and show the world your beauty.

No regrets.

No fears.

No holding back.

You don’t need to anymore.

Be proud + be brave.

You were born to be you.

You, dearest, darlingest you.