With the birth of my brand new website, it’s time for me to share with you exactly what it means to have an amazing life + amazing business.

There’s so many misconceptions about it, and I wanted to clear it right up + tell you exactly what I stand for.

And ya know, I get a bit tired of the whole “perfect guru” idea. I’m going to tell you instead exactly what I pledge to you, including how much I’m going to swear like a trucker + how I aim to do this differently from most of the party peeps out there.

May this manifesto + pledge help you feel uber clear about what this movement is all about, and what role I play.

The Amazing Biz + Amazing Life Manifesto

First and foremost, dearheart, let’s get this straight:

Having an amazing life and amazing business does not mean having a PERFECT life or business.

It doesn’t mean being better than anyone else.

It doesn’t mean losing your spirit or your soul’s purpose in the process.

We know that by doing our inner work and restoring peace inside us, we create peace and ease around us.

We know that we can create a living from our passions and dreams.

We know that we have the resources we need at our fingertips, and that any question we have can be answered.

We know that first and foremost, our life and our business begins with us.


We know that by healing and listening and tending to ourselves and our spirits, we grow into who we are destined to become.

We know that we can choose this work at any time. And that by choosing to do the work of creation, of transforming what ails us, of letting go of anything that causes us to falter on the path of destiny, of stepping up to and into ourselves, we become exactly who we are meant to be.

And that this work is good work. And hard work. And holy work.

And the work worth doing.

Because this work makes us happier. Healthier. More at peace. More at home inside our bodies and our spirits.

More knowing deep down in our bones that we were born to be ourselves, and that is a sacred mission.

We know that creativity is important and healing and wild and freeing and just what we need.

We know that transforming our homes and offices through decluttering and sacred space clearing can transform our lives.

We know that business and marketing are holy vehicles to take our gifts to the world, to help the people we were born to help.

We know that abundance and money is not a force of evil, it is a force of intention. And that we can become excellent custodians of money, who create financial freedom for ourselves and our families. Who teach their children what possibility looks like. Who teach through doing that tending to one’s self and fill one’s own well is not selfish, it’s sacred. We know that through abundance and money we absolutely can change the world through philanthropy.


We are women who believe in carving out our destiny.

Who create like an angel, and love like a goddess, and live like a woman alight.

It’s also about embracing that we are divine, that inside us lives a spark, the light of Great Spirit (or God or Buddha).

It is also about embracing that we are human – that we are holy AND we are having a human experience. That we fumble and grumble and fall and pick ourselves back up again.

Amazing Life Amazing Business is about holding the dearest notion that we create our dreams come true.

AND that sometimes life just happens to us. Our best friend breaks up with us, we get anxiety disorders, we lose our children, we suffer a broken heart, one dream didn’t work out, our family falls apart, our world ends.

Amazing Life Amazing Business isn’t about having it all together.

It isn’t about knowing it all.

It’s about doing the best we can, day by day. It’s about knowing we can make it happen.

It’s about stepping up to become conscious creators of our lives, knowing that we truly can create the change we wish to see in ourselves, our lives, our world.

This is what it is to have amazing lives + amazing businesses.

And this is what I promise to you, dearest heart:

I promise to speak the truth.

I promise to turn up with my whole self.

I promise to share about my journey with an open heart.


I promise to tend to myself, my energy + my sovereignty as I do it.

I promise to walk my talk about life, business + philanthropy.

I promise I’m going to make a massive fucking difference on the planet.

I promise to not be perfect.

I promise that I will continue learning every single step of the way for the rest of my life.

And that I will do it joyfully, because to evolve is good.

And that somedays I’ll be cranky about having to change too, because I’m ding dang human.

I promise that I will share what works and what doesn’t.

I promise that I actually really do give a shit about you, and your dreams, and about you making them happen.

I promise that I will put everything I have into the Academy to make it the world’s best training resource for women.

I promise I’ll pour everything I know into there to help women who are really committed to developing their own amazing lives and businesses.

I promise I don’t have any upsells. I promise I’m not going to hold back. I promise I’m not going to have bullshit “tiers” of information.

I promise I’ll give my Academy peeps everything I can possibly give them to help them.

I promise I’ll do it authentically. And with love. Because I believe so deeply that when a tide of women rises up to become conscious creators of their lives, this world will change.

I promise that I fucking hate “smoke and mirrors” success just as much as you do.

I promise that I’ll be really real with you about exactly the numbers I’m making + how my business works.

I promise that I’m not one of those business coaches who knows nothing about business apart from selling coaching to other people. I’ve had a pretty huge amount of success before I began talking about business. I talk about business because I’ve learned it in the trenches and I know what actually works.

I promise I give a shit about overdelivering + going above + beyond with my programs. I make my stuff the very best I can, because anything else is shit. I have a pretty amazing track record, and I aim to keep it that way!


I promise to swear like a sailor, be ridunkulous silly, make words up, do TMI sharing, sneak the word vagina in wherever I can.

I promise to turn up and Be Leonie.

I promise to epitomise the Three S’s: Soulful, Sacred, Savvy.

I promise to be impeccable with my word. Even when I am saying vagina. (See! Snuck it in there already! WOOT WOOT!)

And most of all:

I promise to fulfil my life + soul’s purpose, as I help you fulfil yours.

I pledge this with my whole self.

I share this with love.

All my love,