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Seeing a man who was tilling the earth, a fool,
unable to control himself, cried out,
“Why are you ruining this soil?”
“Fool,” said the man,
“leave me alone: Try to recognize the difference
between tending the soil and wasting it.
How will this soil become a rose garden
until it is disturbed and overturned?”

~ Jalaluddin Rumi (Helminski version)
Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance

i wanted to thank you all so much
for your beautiful welcoming of my book.
it has been such a wonderful experience!
for those who have ordered ~ please let me know what you think when you’ve received!
i love that my baby books are out, running in the wilderness.
adventuring words!

i’ve been deliciously delving into the pages of my new moleskine journal,
thanks to cinzia.
i’ve posted a scan of its already much loved cover ~
it has my favourite postcard of early morning swimmers in the river Ganges…
and a Led By Spirit sticker.
There is something so… homely about returning to journalling.
i can untangle the threads of my life out on paper,
see how they fall, the texture they make,
the patterns of repeating circumstances and emotions,
the overall shade of experience they create.

I’m doing deep delving into myself.
Retreating into the Western cave of the Bear
for introspection.
We all have these phases…

maitri’s latest post was sublime, as always.
this post from lifeouttacontext made me tear up


Wishing you consciousness
in these days…