front cover

It is with great love,
and dreams unfolding and expanding,
that I announce the release
of my first book

Today I grew like a Wildflower.

This is my story of growing and becoming.
Of consciousness, creativity, healing and joyful living.
In full colour ~ it is a gathering of my art, photography and writing.
Of all that I am, and all that I becoming.
My lessons ~ my loves ~ my life.
Stories of everyday magic and the sacred in the ordinary that are glimpsed when we open ourselves to it.

SARK has already read it ~ and gorgeously provided this comment:
“It’s F A B U L O U S.
Pure Delight.
You are such a STAR.
I love to watch you GLOW.”

It has been my childhood dream to write a book.

It with gratitude, I thank the beautiful souls who have entered my life in the last year. From SARK’s website, from the beginning of the Turquoise Journey blogger and the blossoming into Leonielife.com. To the women’s circle. To friends who fed birdseed to the winged dreams within me.

I know that these beautiful souls are an intrinsic part of this book’s journey into existance.

May it live,
may it love,
may it be free.

I have been pregnant with this book for 22 years.
And now as I become an author~mommy, I realise that I will now live with a part of my heart living outside of me. Having adventures of its very own. Seeing the world. Living the dream.
Blessings on its journey.

back cover

You can buy the book through the printer, Lulu.com.
Aussie visitors, please remember Lulu is an American printer so price is in US dollars.
There is no problems with ordering it with your credit card.
It will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.
Any problems, questions etc, please email me

with love, and words, and gratitude,
and a knowingness i cannot comprehend,
the Mother of the Book.

PS ~ for those who played the “which cover should i choose” game with me ~
i ended up cutting them all up and using them all 🙂