A dot point list of thingmebobs.

  • I am writing this on an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard attached. I bought it last year in quarantine, decided I hated it and preferred to just use my basic bitch iPad instead for drawing. But then my kids dragged this out to do Reading Eggs on, and now I’m trying it out, and quite enjoy the sound of it. Stay tuned as to whether I could potentially wean myself off my almost decade-long reliance on the 2013 version of an iPad Air. (I even spent $2,000 to buy a 3 year old version of one that had been sitting unopened in a warehouse). Here’s all the tools I currently use and love.
  • My biggest kid is going to the movies and a birthday party by herself! Without one of us with her! For the first time! In a feat of generational hilarity, she’s going to see Space Jam 2. I was almost her age when I saw Space Jam 1! Anyways, I’m excited for her, and also a little like: woah. It’s happening. She’s growing up.
  • We’ve been watching Clarkson’s Farm each night. As a farm girl, I fucking LOVE it. It’s delightful and funny and also totally reminds me why I chose NOT to farm.
  • I’m having a frustrating time at the moment trying to get a new financial & investment structure finalised. I just keep hitting road blocks from multiple organisations. Maybe next week I’ll have it sorted? Let’s hope for that.
  • I’ve gone for two bushwalks this week and it made my body feel good. More of this please Leonie!
  • I’m reading this new book by that adorable Rick Morton. Fuck he’s talented. It makes me want to write him long fan letters in the mail, but I don’t know how to tamp down my enthusiasm and adoration enough to not appear like a stalker.
  • Plans for this weekend: kids tutoring sessions in morning. Taxi driver big kid to her big kid friend date. Listen to Glennon’s podcast. Make some apple tarts & bacon quiches for school lunches on Sunday. Read books, art journal, fit in as much soul-replenishing as I can.

Righto, time to head to bed.

Big love,


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