Interesting development in the world of businesses & creatives recognising the risks of relying on social media marketing!

The Oatmeal, long term internet denizen & wildly popular comic artist has begun to reduce his reliance on social media marketing, and get people to sign up for his mailing list instead.

And this is a dude who has almost 4 million Facebook followers & 1 million Instagram followers:

Here’s what you get when you pop over to his website – a pop up asking people to sign up to his mailing list instead of following on social media.

And this call to action at the bottom of every blog post:

Here’s some of his recent comics sharing his frustrations with social media & phone use:

Of course… you know my feelings about this already

I’ve long been teaching my students to prioritise growing a mailing list over social media numbers.

I permanently quit social media in February, and was asked so many times about marketing without social media that I even have an entire program about it.

Building your business on social media is risky as fuckkkkkk.

More things I’ve written about quitting social media:

Why Businesses Are Quitting Social Media (+ Changes I’m Making To My Business)

Why Me & My Business Don’t Do Social Media Anymore: The Extended Version

A friend texted me this morning:

So many people feel like this. I reckon there’s a new wave coming… more businesses moving away from social media marketing, more humans moving away from social media as a hobby. (If you’re a business & need inspiration & guidance on how to make the shift, this course is for you).

My life (and business) is a hundred times lovelier without it. I’m excited for more people to join in this revolution.

Big love,


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