A couple of days ago, my 7 year old chirpily announced “Mum looks like a mole!”

I stifled my inner screams of laughter and said “Oh really? Why’s that darling?”

And she showed me the book she was reading about a mole. She says we have the same hairstyle and glasses and fashion sense.

I couldn’t agree more.


Here’s other exciting things of note:

  1. No blogging over the last few days. That’s allright. I’ve been learning instead & having a bonza time with it. I trust the ebb and flow of my creativity and energy.
  2. I’m looking for a book where healthy people share what they usually eat each day. Is there a book like this? Please email me if you know of one! I get so inspired reading about other people’s lives, and I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover.
  3. My new GTD organisational system is ROCKING my damn world. Today I… picked up photos I’d had printed. And put them in the new magnetic photo frames I’d ordered. And then I… put them IN the frames. And onto the fridge! Without them getting lost for months! This is MIRACULOUS! Is this what it is like to be neurotypical? HA!
  4. I’m out of lockdown. I’d class myself as lockdown adjacent, because who knows – we might need to go back in again sometime soon. The next state over has the Delta variant and it’s not currently contained. #boohiss
  5. I’m finally eligible to get the Pfizer vaccination! Fuck yaaaaa!
  6. Just started reading Atomic Habits. So far so brilliant.
  7. We’ve been watching as a family the new season of The Great Pottery Throw Down. Gosh I love that show. It’s like The Great British Bake Off… but with clay! And a giant bear of a judge (Keith Brymer Jones) who cries when he’s overcome with the beauty of pottery… it’s such a beautiful antidote to toxic masculinity!
  8. Just read a few beautiful graphic memoirs: Spring Rain, Annie Sullivan & The Trials Of Helen Keller and Parenthesis.

I feel like I’ve got some new things coming out soon… I don’t necessarily know what they are and when it will happen, I can just feel the energy building.

Sending you all so much love!

Big love,

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