Second time lucky!

Another weekly review! I’m currently really enjoying this ritual, and finding I am feeling much more organised with these systems in place.

Again: I’m doing this with (likely) lots of interruptions with my kids, husband, dog & life happening all around me.

Start time: 9:40am

First up: clear my physical IN tray & review my HOLD tray

When I look at my weekly review today, I look at that physical inbox (see photo above) and I think… THANK FUCKKKKKK. This is going to be SO MUCH EASIER than having to do all the (years of) backlog that I did last week. This sized inbox? That I can do!

Live notes… I’m going through inbox now and I am noticing the same feeling I had as last week: part excitement, part adrenaline, part anxiety. I notice my competitive overperformer streak is taking over – I want to be the fastest speedy that has ever sped through Weekly Review! I want to contain it to only 1 hour!

Need to remind myself: go slower. This is not worth having an adrenaline load which will convert to anxiety later. Take your sweet time!

Physical inbox clear! Once again, I definitely did more tasks than just the two minute ones… I just thought I’d get them off my plate while I was in the zone.

It’s now 11:33am. Do I know where the time goes? No, I do not. I have stopped for chats, and a call with my Dad, and to check if our lockdown is ending (it is! HOORAY!)

Next up… clear my email inbox.

I only have 11 in my inbox after clearing it last weekly review!

12:26 (an hour-ish later). Inbox cleared, between more calls & chats & fixing one kid’s face after a watermelon mishap.

Again, I did *not* keep to the 2 minute time limit when deciding whether to do a task or not now. I don’t know if it’s an ADHD thing or not – I know it will be SO much more difficult for me to start a task later, so if I have an inkling of an idea to do it now, I shall.

Next Day:

Truth be told, at a certain point I just went to bed and read a book for the rest of the day, feeling wildly productively fulfilled. Ha! Behold! Leonie Does The Get Things Done System Their Own Damn Way!

I don’t know if I really “finished” this week’s review “properly”, but I definitely feel organised for the next week. I’m just building the rhythm of this new habit as I do it.

I’ve also started crafting my own “Weekly Review checklist” that personalises the standard GTD checklist.

What I am loving about the Getting Things Done system so far:

  1. Having the physical IN box and HOLD box. I can’t believe how simple & helpful it is for me.
  2. The weekly habit of clearing all my (physical, email, instant messenger & text) inboxes, and doing all the tasks that are two minutes or less right then.
  3. Having a clearer view of priorities for the week ahead.

Hope this is useful!

Big love,


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