Spent this afternoon in the garden again

What an amazing experience

I haven’t gardened since I was a kid

helping out my mum

We’ve been here for a year

and I finally have the gardening bug

After planting my first herb garden yesterday

I woke up this morning thinking about gardening

it feels like the wilderness of my mind is unfurling and growing

I couldn’t wait to get out among it again

I started off in the side garden

pruning back an unruly bush

as the leaves crushed it a scent was released

I ran up to the house to get my gardening book

and discovered it was a ROSEMARY bush!

Wow! I’m so proud!

I’m a proud herb discoverer!

I am over the moon about it…

Shall have to make a roast next weekend and use some of it in my cooking!

Then I played with my roses and

made the most amazing discovery

I cut open the old bulbs of roses

and it revealed the most vibrant orange

encasing seeds

Me… a burgeoning gardener…

enjoying the beauty, wilderness and lessons

found in gardens…