It is the first weekend of *spring*

In celebration, I

Spent my afternoon planting herb seeds

~ chives, coriander, parsley ~

and purple window sill boxes of marigolds

My first herbs!

How beautiful to get my hands dirty

It’s been a long long time since I used the thumb which is green

I then pottered about the garden

pruning the roses

and I happened across my first bloom for spring

a tiny daffodil ~ see picture above

as I was photographing the little beauty

there was a scamper across the mulch

and I was accosted by a beautiful smelly happy golden dog…

he cheerfully threw himself upon me

he was wet and dirty

and all things doggy

it was lovely!

i’ve missed doggy loving

~ chris says we can get one soon, maybe for xmas

so me and boz (that is what i temporarily named him)

pottered about

i doorknocked a couple of houses on the street

trying to find his owner

i eventually put him down and let him continue on his adventure

if i see him again i’ll do something

the first weekend of spring

is turning out quite lovely

filled with watching plants grow ~ grow ~ spurting ~ new

and a new doggy friend

it can’t get much better than that!

love love love