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My life has been surrounded with dreams lately. Deb said at our last circle: watch your dreams. Be conscious of them and see what patterns come up in them.

I received an email from one of my brother’s friends asking me to interpret a dream. It was lovely to connect with her, and I felt her dream so vividly.

& then I was dreaming last night…
I had a dream that I found in the backyard the feathers from the wings of a dead eagle. I was really happy to find them, as I am looking for a feather to use for smudging at my ceremony on Saturday. And I wonder what it means… my starsign totem animal is the eagle – high soaring, all seeing. i wonder what it meant for me to find a dead eagle offering its wings to me.

and then a sweet friend of mine, dawn, said this morning about a dream she had last night:

“I dreamt that I was on a boat going down a river with high mountains around us. When the boat docked I found myself walking up a street in a city and around me were steep walls with temples and palaces on top of them. As I turned the corner I found myself in a bustling city and I told myself that I was in Istambul and that around a certain corner would be a temple where I could go meet ‘the goddess.’

I found my way to the temple and as I stepped inside a woman took me to a special room to ‘prepare’ me to meet her. She asked me if I was excited and my I told her I was, but also very nervous. She said that the goddess would be able to tell exactly what is in my heart and what my soul is made of. And that I should focus on that.

I then realized that I hadn’t brought a gift to give to the goddess from my homeland. And that is when Leonie came up to me and gave me a large black and white feather to give to the goddess. Leonie gave me a hug and smiled and then went down a spiral staircase as it was her turn to go and see the goddess.

The woman that was preparing me was showing me some jars of incense that I could buy to give as a gift as well. I vividly remember smelling the different scents and picking one out. The woman went to prepare the package of incense and then began to prepare my hands.

As she took them we realized that my hands were covered in some sort of black paint or soot. I said that it must have been from one of the insense jars that I had touched. The woman smiled at me and said, ‘How Lovely.’

I got the feeling that it was a good thing. Then she began wrapping my finger tips with string, almost binding them together.

Next thing I knew, my cat was meowing in my ear to be fed and I woke up.

But I felt amazing! I felt like I had been through a ritual of some sort to meet a goddes of women. Someone who truly could tell us all who we really are and guide us along our path.

It was really amazing.”

I love her dream… and it’s amazing that the feather came up in both…

surrounded in dreams