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nick & dave waiting…

it’s become a ritual now.
every thursday, we go. we meet outside the doors of work, and introduce the friends that haven’t met yet. we stroll to the sri chinmoy centre. we sit on pillows and meditate.

there’s always something new to explore.
today was juliana & dave & nick.
today was singing from the heart, and imaging ourselves as flowers blossoming.
we meditated on the darkest night, the search of the soul for meaning,
and the virgin dawn of awakening.

it was beautiful. powerful. we awaken our eyes anew.
we talk about what kind of flowers we discovered we were.
juliana the many petalled one. dave the white rose. me the camelia. nick the red rose.
we walk back into the street. we group hug. we find lunch by following the source. the source leads us to hot pies and laughter.

this is the best kind of lunchtime ritual of all.