Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!


Tis the season to be dreaming… setting our intentions for the year ahead using the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook.

As part of our 2012 Dream Extravaganza, I wanted to invite some gorgeous friends to share some of their filled out pages from the workbook & what they were dreaming of for 2012. I get SO inspired hearing other people’s dreams + plans!



Today’s dreaming is by Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day fame.

She also happens to be one of my favourite watersign sisters, and she makes like RIDUNKULOUSLY cute babies called Annabelle. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS. No really. LOOK. That’s just wild cute. Explosion of ovaries cute. #leonielikestoinstagramstalkannabelle

She is also a mixed-media artist and creative guide living near Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, their daughter and their four fuzzy cats. She loves doing the hokey-pokey with her daughter, laughing loudly, getting messy with paint, and sleep, when she can get it.


Dreams of the Creative Every Day Goddess!

I’ve loved using Leonie’s gorgeous workbook as a way to wrap up the previous year and plan ahead for 2012.
2011 was an eventful year for me, with the birth of my daughter, Annabelle.
It seems even more important now to take this time (in the small moments that I can grab!) to focus and plan what I most want in 2012. When time is hard to come by, it’s good to have your priorities in order and know what you want!
My word for 2012 is Love because I want to remember to love all the little moments of my everyday life and also to focus on self-love, so important for a new mom!
So this page in Leonie’s workbook was perfect for me!
Another pull I feel this year is towards simplifying and organizing.
While filling out the page on home, I made the decision to focus on one room per month this year.
Each month, I’ll choose one room to do a little something with each day (even if it’s a very little something.)
Thanks Leonie, for helping me to focus my energies for a beautiful, loving 2012! xox
(And Annabelle of the Eyelashes and Swooniness!)


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