Hola gorgeous goddesses!


Quick reminder!

There’s a ridunkulously fun, fabulous & illuminating LIVE gathering of goddesses this weekend via phone…

will you be there?


I’d love to invite you on a personal inspiration date with me…

Feel like the seeds of your dreams have yet to take root?
Still not quite clear on what to set as your intention for the year?
Or want to know what to do to supercharge your efforts + make your intentions come true?

Have no fear, the free seminar is here!

I’ll be sharing my five biggest jewels of wisdom + powerful tools on:

  • how to get clear on your dreams
  • how to actually make them happen
  • how to make 2012 your most incredible year yet. Wahooooosicles!!!

I like to think I have a pretty huge amount of expertise in this area…

Some of the dreams I’ve made come true:

  • made a ridunkulously HUGE number of my life goals come true (and I’m not even 30 yet!)
  • created a multiple six figure dream business out of my beautiful creativity & spirituality hobby that made me zippo-dobleros
  • wrote my first book at 22, had my first solo art exhibition at 23 and began leading women’s circles and retreats at 23
  • created one of the biggest and most celebrated online women’s creativity, spirituality & business circles in the world
  • have written a second book that’s hit the Amazon top 4 in spirituality!
  • made so many more dreams come true… moved my family across the countryside to live in tropical paradise, manifested a creative sanctuary out of a run down old nudist colony caravan (!), lived in Malaysia, travelled the world, gave birth, painted hundreds of artworks + created a gazillion courses + kits.

The seminar will go for about an hour + will be packed full with gigglesnorts, good vibes, smartnesses + happy. It’ll leave you feeling juiced up + ready to fly into your day and your exquisite year.


Save the date ::


Pacific :: 2pm Saturday 28 January
Eastern :: 5pm Saturday 28 January


London :: 10pm Saturday 28 January


Queensland :: 8am Sunday 29 January
Sydney + Melbourne :: 9am Sunday 29 January

How to sign up!

Call is totally FREE!!!

Just jump on my VIP Goddess mailing list below + you’ll get the emails closer to the day with your call-in details!

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

love love love,

P.S. Mark in on your calendar, say it is “Hot Date With Goddess Leonie + the ripe juicy Goddess that is me!” Tee hee!

P.P.S. Please do share the seminar along with your dear friends + family who may need an extra surge of delight in their year right now. This will help give them so much more clarity, goodness + juju! YAY!