“The egos main goal is to keep you in a state of separation. It doesn’t care how it achieves this goal, as long as it achieves it.

Without separation the ego cannot exist.

The ego is simply the idea that you are a separate self that exists apart from the Universe.

You may be rich, you may be poor or you may be sick or even healthy. The ego doesn’t care. It uses everything it can to make you see differences between you and others.

Have you ever noticed how some people never stop complaining about how much of a tragedy their life is, or how much life is mistreating them? That is the ego at work. It is saying that I am a victim and I am being mistreated by the victimizers of the world.

Once you stop listening to the egos lies and start to see Oneness all around you, all the opposites that exist in this world will no longer be part of your reality. You will only experience the constant Love, Peace and Abundance of God, which has no opposite.”

From the Daily Guru


This is an interesting thought you know.

I was sitting on the bus the other afternoon on the way home and the sun was GOLDEN and streaming over the fields and over the mountains and over the trees

Everything was bedazzled in the most vibrant yellow.

I thought to myself:

I am a part of this. I am a part of this. I am a part of the mountains.

And I heard something scared inside of me say: But then I won’t be ME.

If I was a part of the mountain I would lose my identity. I wouldn’t be Leonie. I LIKE being me. I want to be ME always.


I thought about this for a while.

Why was I afraid of being something that wasn’t me?

What was so scary about the thought of being a part of a mountain, part of the earth.

Perhaps it has something to do with me wanting to be more than that.

Even if there IS nothing more than that.

Existence is existence, no matter which shape it takes.

Why do I cling to existence?

It is all I know.

This is all very thought provoking.

All because I thought: I am a part of this

And I am.

No matter how much my ego wants me to be different from everything else.

hee hee hee

how funny this all is!