My friend Paris tells me that you shouldn’t whinge if you can count your blessings on two hands.

Two Handfuls of Gratitude

1. My boy. My boy. My boy.

Everyday. He amazes me.

2. My wonderful workplace

3. My health.

Without this, everything else would be dimmer.

4. My laptop.

Allowing me to communicate in new ways.

5. The Marvellous Message Board

Even when it’s full moon and it goes a bit haywire it is still filled with love.

6. The girly lunch date with Deb and Lile today

Filled with girly giggles and glittery things and yummy desserts instead of lunch.

7. My new big king size bed.

A wonderful nights sleep

8. My beanbag.

Always comfortable.

9. My friends.

Old and new. All opening new worlds in me.

10. This journey.

And this home which is my shell.

My thanks to Deb also for making me think about gratefulness more

And Raficki/Em who just ~is~