a mossy goddess tree

This afternoon
in a suburban lounge room
nine women met
and circled.

Nine women
I did not know them all
but now
they are my circle sisters.

Today I led
a new womens circle.

How is it that it always feels like coming home when I circle with women?
How is it that as soon as I circle with a woman I can see so clearly her distinct soul beauty, her divinity and her humanity? How is it that I just fall in love with each of them?
How can it be that I witnessed an exquisite flower begin to bud today?

I do not know what we will do. The possibilities are infinite.
The certainties are:
We will create. We will share our stories. We will discover. We will be incredibly silly. We will be deep.
We will share leadership. We will eat potluck.
We will be women.

In the shower last night (my second most favourite Place of Insight, after the work bathroom)
I wondered at why it was important for a circle to lead itself, with every woman being Circle Goddess. And these words came:
Power is strong, but the strongest form of power is
em POWER ment.

It is the philosophy of the Millionth Circle:
Once the millionth womens circle has been formed, our culture will have changed indelibly, and a new age will be entered into. We women :: our gifts, bodies and souls are so special. When we circle with women the light grows tenfold. We grow and we learn and we blossom in the most organic of ways.

Proceed into miracles my dear friends.
Form a circle with women, and watch those miracles unravel.

With love and joy,
and I feel so blessed,

P.S. Please email me if you would like to know a few resources to help you on your circle way.