Hello my darlinghearts,

My dear friend Akiah is a gifted intuitive and guide for energy shifts. She also just happens to be one of my high school friends!

I remember spending New Year’s Eve when I was 14 swimming in her pool at night under the stars with our circle of friends. We were all exploring astral travelling and metaphysics and magic at the time. Later that night, we etched a circle of power with chalk into the cement, and held a ritual there. It must have been my first circle.

Years later, here we back are again. Here in the Goddess town of Proserpine. Akiah owns the spiritual book + giftstore here, and we live on the same block as her shop. When Akiah speaks, I listen. She is funny, grounded, wise and brilliant.

And she shares the most shining, blazing insights about what’s happening with the world’s energy.

I thought it was so important to share her message about upcoming changes along. I know it’s going to be helpful for me to know what’s going on… and I really felt some of you may need to hear this too.

This month on the 10th and 20th this month or 10/10/10 between 10:10 am – 10:10 pm and 20/10/2010, at 20:10 pm (8:10pm) there is going to be a another lot of huge shifts energetically…

These are days when energy will be unpredictable and building for a release of some sort.

The thing to do is have a day just being in the moment and enjoying the simple things like a cup of coffee or just breathing.

If you feel the need simply take yourself outside barefoot and connect with the energy of the earth and all that is around us, or meditate if you feel the urge to.

These shifts are in line with energy shifts in the Earth and the Universe so please be gentle on yourself and those around you… BREATHE!!!

Hope this is helpful dearest. Let me know if you’d like to hear more energy updates as they come up. And big thanks to beautiful Akiah!

Be gentle with you dearest heart. Changes are afoot. All is well. All will be well.

big love,