the city block next to mine. yesterday.

magic moments have a way of penetrating everyday life
some days they are so intertwined in the normality
that it’s hard to pull them apart
seperate them
recognise them each as they are.

i see a book on the weekend at the heirophant bookstore
called “Moon Rites” by spiraldancer (hmmm… i wonder if she is a hippy 😉
and i quite loved it ~ was really interested in the topic after all i’ve been learning in the women’s group…
so i saw this book, loved it,
but didn’t buy it ~ thought it’s just not yet the time.

today at lunch
in the stationery shop
a table of books on sale
i walk around it to get to the coloured pens
a book catches my eye.
my book.
THE book.
i think to myself: oh it couldn’t be.
not here. such a hippy book wouldn’t be in a stationery shop.
it is.
not only that… but it is $5. I hold only $5 in my hand, intended for coloured pens.
They don’t have the coloured pens, but they have my book.
Such serendipity, such beautiful everyday magic.

on the bus this afternoon, on the way home,
my usual crew of bus friends aren’t there.
I sit near the older gentleman whom I’d shared angel cards with a few days ago.
And I begin reading my new book, but I find myself thinking:
there are magical moments possible here.
Wordless, I reach in my bag, and I pass the gentleman, David, my angel cards.
I move to the seat next to him.
We talk about the angel cards, about happiness.
about abundance, about choices.
i let him read my book.
when he gets off the bus, we are both wearing big smiles.
i wish him a happy valentine’s week.

all these little choices… all working as though threads of some magic fibre.

to all that shimmers, glimmers and smiles.