Hola gorgeous one!

If you’re going to share your work with the world on a big level and help more people, you’re going to need more than just one of you.

So let me tell you WHY it’s so important to have a rockstar team supporting you, and how it can increase the abundance and joy in your business.


At a certain point in your business growth, you and your business will need more energy, time, skills + dedication than you are able to give on your own.

Without them, you will become the bottleneck which stalls business growth because you simply can’t keep up with it all.

Having a support team enables you to get more things done in a shorter amount of time, enabling you to leverage your time and create even more of the glorious things you love to create.

As an entrepreneur, you have THREE gifts (and responsibilities) here:

  1. To do that thing that only you can do. To create/execute the products or services you were born to make.
  2. To set the vision, strategy + plan of your business and make sure it happens.
  3. You don’t have to execute all the parts of your business plan/strategy/to-do-list. All you need to do is find the right person who is that special blend of magic to do it. Your job is NOT to answer every email that comes in, or answer every call. That’s not your unique gift in the world, and it’s slowing you down from creating the business of your dreams. You need to find the person that has the soul purpose + gift of doing the things you cannot!


Let’s face it here – if you are a creative, spirited, passionate entrepreneur, there are some things you are exceptional at. And then other parts of doing business that may not be your unique gift in the world. For many, this is: record keeping, customer service, systems, tech muppetry.

Not everyone is built like you. There are some people in the world (hard though it may be for you to believe this!) that actually LOVE the shit out of that stuff. Adore it. Think of numbers and balance sheets and coding and canned responses in their sleep.

That’s THEIR particular gift and passion in the world.

By hiring them, you get to add their genius to your business – that thing they love doing that you don’t.

As a result, you’re happy, they are happy, your clients are ecstatic to be supported so brilliantly, and the business can continue growing. Hooray!


When we hire people, we’re not just hiring them by the hour.

We are hiring their brain, their own unique perspective, their insight + their brilliance.

It means you’re not the only one dreaming up ways to make your business better.

Your team will help you see black spots you are currently missing. They will give you ideas, guidance and inspiration.

Your support team will make your business that much more profitable, prosperous and prolific.


I talk often about how I’ve set up my life + business to work in small, concentrated bursts of 2-3 hours a day. (Sometimes it rises to a shocking 4 hours a day when we’re under deadline or working on a huge project. But it doesn’t last very long at all – a couple of months max). The only way I can do this while managing a flourishing business (that did close to half a million dollars in 2012) is by having team members to support the essential goings-on of the business.

If I didn’t have a team, I’d be fretting the fuc* out 24/7 about how many emails are still sitting in my inbox, the latest client hiccup, how the ding-dang to get the damn plugin to work, and what on earth I should do about the new program that needs writing/credit card company issues/the coaching client contracts/blah blah blah. You get the picture.

With an exceptional team working behind me, I know they’ve got my back, and I’ve got my life back.

I get to decide, meaningfully + with presence, what I most want to do that day: whether it’s go do some writing in the park, take the day off because my family needs extra loving, do the things that most fill me up and I most want to share with the world.

When you hire, you get choices and you get freedom, instead of a business that is a ball and chain around your leg.


Permission to speak honestly here babe: Right now, your emails, boundaries + systems probably aren’t that great.

This is a really important part of the equation.

You’ve been reacting + responding to everything as it arrives on your plate.

There are three areas you’re probably lacking in right now, that are causing you to lose time, money + sanity: systems, guidelines + boundaries.

Let’s talk them through. I’ll give you specific examples of ways you might be dropping the ball, fuc*ing it up, driving yourself bonkerdoodles + not living the life and biz of your dreams.

1: You may not have set, automatic systems that help answer your clients as fast, clearly + professionally as possible, like:

✓     canned responses (i.e. copy + paste responses to common questions)

✓     FAQs

✓     a system for dealing with tech support requests

✓     an appointment calendar service like Timetrade that stops the back-and-fro-emails of trying to find the right time.

2: You may not have created the guidelines so your clients know what to expect, such as:

✓     how quickly they will be receive a response

✓     refund guidelines

✓     terms of service

✓     community management guidelines

✓     how to contact you.

3: You may not have set the boundaries of what’s appropriate, including:

✓     how clients should treat you

✓     how often they are allowed to contact you

✓     if they can receive free coaching/advice/hand-holding via email

✓     if they can call you anytime they wish.

Here’s the good news, however:
when you hire someone, all of these things are going to get much, much, MUCH better.

You’re going to be forced (in a wonderful way) to get all this stuff sorted (one piece at a time).

And the bloody wonderful benefits of this are:

  • It’s going to take LESS time than ever to take care of client needs
  • You are going to feel much less crazy + over burdened by your business
  • Your time, energy + sanity is going to be freed up to work on things that actually grow your business
  • Your clients are going to be treated better than ever before! They’ll get better, faster service. And they’ll also feel more supported + comfortable in your business because they know exactly what’s expected of them in their role as a client. People feel safer when they know exactly what to expect!
  • You’re no longer the bottleneck limiting your business – you are free to grow grow GROW!


Business ain’t just business. It’s just not for us – we who are (usually) women, spirited, conscious, passionate.

Business IS personal. It’s not something we segment from the rest of our lives. It is separate from our emotional or spiritual lives. It is a part of our wholeness.

Business has been the greatest spiritual development journey of my life (and believe me, I’ve done a lot of wonderful, wackadoodle spiritual things! Ha!)

Business is a vision quest of developing my self, transforming my fears, expanding into a bigger version of myself, growing courage + helping my business vessel take my gifts out into the world in the biggest, holiest way possible.

And it’s not always easy. It calls on every part of myself, my courage, my strength and my faith. Just as I’m sure it does for you too.

My support team has been indispensable on this part.

My Chief Operations Officer + my team are my business kindred, my cheer squad, my rock in the river. They are earth angels who help me mend my wings when I fly into a storm. They help to hold the vision of my business. They believe in me and my vision, deeply. They bring their gifts to my business so it may be more whole, more powerful, more profound and serve the world in an even bigger way. They remind me of my gifts when I get discouraged. They help me get back on the path when I fall off it.

As the old quote says:

They have reminded me the song of my heart when I have forgotten the words.

Not only that, but they are friends. They are dearly trusted companions on this soul journey of being an entrepreneur.

Marissa knows more about me than nearly every single person on the planet. She’s seen me at my groveling, panic stricken, sobbing worst. And she’s seen me at my best. She has been a part of my business from almost the very beginning, and has become the other half of my brain. I simply can’t imagine my business without her and I’m thankful she feels the same. She’s stayed in my home. She is dear friends with my daughter and husband. We have both grown so much – personally, professionally and most of all spiritually, because we have combined our energies together to birth this vision into the world. My business just wouldn’t be as powerful and non-nutty-making as it is without my right-hand woman by my side.

Let’s face it – business can be a pretty lonely journey. By giving yourself a support team, you are giving yourself companions for the journey – ones who can lighten the load and infuse your business and life with so much more joy, ease and love.

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