1. Once upon a time, I used to be very afraid of hiring a VA.

I didn’t know how much it would cost.

I didn’t know how many hours I would need her.

I didn’t know if she could or would want to do the tasks I needed her to do.

I asked around to find out who other people used.

But I didn’t know how that whole VA thing would work. I had so many questions, and I felt like my questions to ask her were silly.

So I never really asked the questions.

I just kept on fighting the Do It All Myself fight.

I answered a zillion emails, and tinkered with my plugins, and had customer service freak outs, and wrote a trillion blog posts, and launched a buttload of products, and wrote newsletter after newsletter, and kept crying over my inbox.

And then I got burned out.

And I recovered.

And then I got burned out.

2. After the second burn out, I sent the VA an email.

“I don’t know if you could even possibly help me, and these are probably very very stupid questions, and I’m really sorry for not knowing the answer… but do you? Could you? OH GOD I NEED HELP.”

3. She explained everything.

Simply and kindly. And surprisingly? It was all totally doable. Beyond doable. SO easy to hire her.

(If they are a good VA, they will be happy to answer your questions. Your questions are not silly!)

4. So she took over my inbox.

And with that, I could really start caring for myself. And setting up sovereignty in my business.

I didn’t get burnt out anymore.

Instead, I could focus on growing my business.

5. In short, it was the best thing I have ever done.

6. Eventually, as my business grew, I could get her to take care of more of my business paraphenalia and admin.

Each step freed me up physically and emotionally to start creating. To grow my business with intention. To sail the boat of my business in the direction of where I wanted to head.

7. And as my business grew even more, I needed to hire more VAs just to keep on top of everything.

8. My team of VAs not only answer my inbox, they:

  • help with social media management
  • compile monthly statistics
  • do community management of the Academy
  • send out newsletters
  • help with grant applications and tax recordkeeping
  • help with hiring new staff
  • communicate with our contractors (graphic designers and tech staff)
  • create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (i.e. the documentation for every task that’s done in the business!)
  • assist with putting new courses together.

10. Having a great team helps your business grow.

As my little business grew into a half million dollar a year company, my VAs’ roles changed too. Their hours and responsibilities increased. And now I have some really beautiful work/life balance – I only work a few hours a day and spend the majority of my time with my sweet lil family. I have the business of my dreams. I get to create and make miracles and help women create their own amazing lives and businesses.

11. People always ask me how I manage to get stuff done.

12.  How I manage to create program after Academy after meditation after program and have so many clients and keep all my balls in the air. Along with looking after that sweet daughter of mine. And perving on my hot husband (which really is a valid occupation all in itself.)

13. I can tell you, without a sizzle of a doubt, that the #1 reason I can do all I do and grow my business and create miracles… is because I have an exceptional team.

As my business is grown I’ve hired more staff. I’ve made hiring mistakes and I’ve fixed them.

Most of all, I’ve really understood the fact that if I hire exceptional people instead of just mediocre ones, my business travels faster, grows easily and there’s a buttload more joy, ease and abundance in my life.

My amazing team take care of the things that I’m not 100% brilliant at – because those are all areas that is their special gift. I’ve got someone who is exceptional at database management and systems, someone who thrives on customer support, someone who is a brilliant pixel wrangler and someone who is a coding maven.

All in all, the give me the gift of time to do the things that make the most amount of difference to my business –

creating new programs,

dreaming even bigger,

creating the vision of where I want to sail the ship next.

My exceptional team is a pivotal reason for my business growth and my success in project completion.

And they are a HUGE component in my mental health plan and my “Make Everyday Freaking Deliriously Happy” plan.


Of course, there are a LOT of ways to screw up hiring and not get the exceptional team and support you are longing for in your heart and business.

Along the way, I’ve made some (expensive and heart-breaking) hiring mistakes until I worked out a system for hiring exceptional staff.

It’s something I see SO many entrepreneurs struggle with.

To help, I ended up taking a month to create the “Shining Six Figure Team” system.

It’ll give you an insider’s guide to the system + templates I use in creating my own exceptional half-million-dollar-a-year business team.

What’s more, you’ll learn

  • exactly how to supercharge your business by hiring a fantastic team
  • how to find exactly the right person for you
  • stop endless frustrations + management headaches
  • how to quickly, smartly + compassionately fix a hiring mistake
  • the do’s + don’ts of hiring, firing + keeping your team
  • how to keep your team working amazingly
  • the common misconceptions around hiring that are holding you + your business back
  • and how to keep your amazing staff forever!

It’s for you whether you:

  • are just thinking of hiring your first VA
  • already have an online team that you want to make more productive + easier to manage
  • have on-the-ground staff.

I see hiring exceptional staff as such a win-win-win situation:

  • I have more time, joy, ease and abundance in my life
  • I treat my staff like the exceptional blessings they are – they adore working for me! (I’ll teach you why in the system!)
  • My clients get taken care better than ever with such an amazing support team in the business.

And of course, I’ve bundled the Six Figure Team System into the Amazing Biz and Life Academy so you get the most amount of value possible. The Academy is really a one-stop-shop for helping you grow your own amazing life and business.

Business CAN be good, dearest. It can be GLORIOUS.