The amazing Robeccer Mclean (the delightful *& gifted photographer from our engagement photoshoot commissioned me to do a Soul Story custom art of her beautiful family.

I’ve met her family and they are the sweetest, truest hearts that life can give. Bec brought her eldest daughter to my Creative Goddess half day workshop last weekend, and we shared delicious hours creating, sharing and giggling together.

Bec and I had a mutual unwrapping of art for each other that day too… I handed her her family’s Soul Story, and she handed me the most incredible perspex wall photo of me & my love. Needless to say, the room was awash with beauty and colour and happy tears. 🙂  *happy sigh*

Impossible, but true. Her chillens are even MORE adorable in real life!

I’ve been creating quite a few Family and Couple Soul Story custom artworks in the past couple of weeks ~ will share more when I can! If you’d like to order a Soul Story custom art for your amazing family, relationship or *sparkling you*, check out the Soul Story Custom Art page.

And just a reminder – all orders received up until midnight tonight will get a giftie coz I heart you – a free Goddess Leonie Art Print of your choice. 🙂

I’ve just driven back from a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Sydney to witness my beautiful friend Sonya marry her beloved Ben. 24 hours of roadtripping with my love-heart-hottie, realising I had left my dress at home & doing an epic dash to the nearest shops in search of a new formal dress, witnessing a gorgeous, loving ceremony between purple flowering jacaranda trees & marble pillars, sitting on the rock verandah of a castle/monastery, dancing to Peter Allen’s Rio, watching lightning over the pine trees at night, and finishing the evening slow dancing with Sonya’s fabulous polka-dotted Grand Mother.

Life is GOOD.

I think you are remarkable,