I’ve been painting loads of couples, families & childrens Soul Story custom art lately… and Goddesses too 🙂 So many to share with you all!

I was so heart~glad to create this for the amazing Meg ~ artist, intuit, writer, healer, woman! It was so easy to see her light, her story, her gifts and her beauty, even from half a country away… I heart you so much Meg, and believe in YOU. 🙂

She wrote me the most incredible message when she received it… one that made my heart SO happy… and so glad to be painting these everyday miracles.

“Happy tears… lots of them! You sweet, sweet thing.
My personalised Goddess girl just arrived
and I promptly burst into tears when I saw it.
I can barely type nor see the screen even now.
If you only knew what you’ve done.
I just don’t know what to say.
The words “thank you” just don’t seem to mean anything
compared to the gratefulness I feel.

This canvas just means the world to me right now.”

I just want to cry happy tears just reading that!

Meg ~ you are such a dearheart, and amazing goddess. I so loved creating this for you, and hope it whispers to you just how loved & gifted you are, right here, right now and always.

Big love,

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