“The Four Seasons”

I know I haven’t done this for a little while ~ I don’t wish to have a featured artist just for the sake of it,

I want to have artists who I believe in, and who touch me with their talent.

This week’s featured artist of the week is Raquel Clark.

I met Raquel through the women’s group I recently went to.

Funnily enough though, Raquel is friends with my friend Ben

And so often I’ve heard him talk of his friend Raquel!

And now I’ve met her, but through a different circle ~ the circle of Deb and her beautiful women friends.

So over these last few days I’ve gotten to know Raquel better,

And she shared with me some of her art, which I dearly love!

It is gorgeous, and goddess inspired, and fantasy, and reality all combined

In a colour*filled canvas of dreams.

One day soon there’ll be a gallery with her work in it!

Thank you for sharing with me, Raquel.

I have so enjoyed our first steps in getting~to~know~yous

And am looking forward to many more!

World, meet Raquel.

Raquel, meet world!