Dearest souls,

I hope this email finds you swimming in the midst of a day that is soaking you with love and tiny pleasures.

I have been on a magnificent and wide retreat and incubation the last 3 months or so… thank you all for your emails wondering where on earth I was.

Where on earth is the perfect question! Throughout November and December I was discovering India with my love, my mama and two sisters. It was a huge, full, bursting, immense experience and I am forever grateful to have been there in those moments and days.


Some of the highlights were ~

~ hanging out on the marble balcony behind the taj mahal, overlooking the majestic and magical yamuna river
~ having a feast in the white washed courtyard, walking along the cobbled streets at midnight of a tiny, isolated, ancient town
~ listening to the sitar and drums as we boated down mama ganges river at sunset
~ eating papaya in a marigold courtyard in the morning
~ falling in love with men, women and children at one glance
~ feeling the pulsing energy, hearing the voices, seeing the sights, and living the overwhelm, the vulnerability, the lessons, the freedom, the delicious joy of adventure and the gifts.

As a gift, I would like to share with you this vision, this video that my dear love took as we boated down mama ganges.

I miss being woken up in the early hours of the morning from chanting and musical bus horns. I miss the energy, but am grateful to be home on my land to let all of its saturated wildness seep into my being.  I am changed imperceptibly, in every part of me. There is so much to share, to write, to say… one day I would love to share my thick, overflowing, incandescent Book of India with you.


My love and I also spent some sweet, loving, monsoonal time in Singapore on the way home. It was humid, hilarious and gentle with the perfect blend of mini-adventures and stillness. I reaquainted myself with my long lost lovers of durian and mangosteen – two fruits I had a torrid affair with when I lived in Malaysia 7 years ago.



In the time since returning, I have been living, incubating, choosing how next I wanted to be.
Leonielife.comtook its own vacation while I was in Agra, and has been reticent to come back to working function since due to hilarious and sacred happenstances. If I didn’t get the lesson the first time – I had to get it the second time… and the third time.  It felt like the whole world and journey was teaching me how to be more like myself, how to walk a path more in tune with how my spirit beckoned me.

I’m excited to share with you the ways these shifts have manifested in my life.I am giving energy into some deep dreams of mine ~ creating goddess gatherings and retreats, writing books, gardening and also being more conscious of my precious moments. More love, more be-ing, more allowing. Less to-do lists, less needing to be something else, less documentation.What this means is also clearing away those things that don’t nourish and give energy to these dreams of mine. One of these offerings back into the earth is releasing the need to blog. After three years of documenting my life, it is time to spend that energy in new and beautiful ways.  I’m also giving birth to a new website name & design at ~ the new names resonates with who I am and where I am journeying to. will redirect to this website. These Joy eLetters will be my main place for online communication in conjunction with my website.

Exciting, blessed and beautiful things are ahead. I can feel it in my bones.
I so deeply look forward to connecting with you… sharing with you in books, connecting with you at Goddess Gatherings, and sharing my vision of this world with you with photographs, art and stories.
May we all have the bravery & courage to walk the path that calls us, and trust in the beauty inside us.
Thank you deeply for sharing in this journey with me, and deepest of blessings on your own sacred path.
Sending you honeysuckles and painted cows and crisp apples and Varanasi pancakes ~~~