One night I had a bad dream.
I woke up and in the darkness, I felt lost and alone.
I looked out to the inky sky loaming with a half crescent moon,
feeling separate and solitary,
a gaping hole, an aching pain in my heart.
Then I realised:
I wasn’t alone.
Around the world,
there would have to be people,
in that very moment,
feeling alone, sad, lost, in pain.
Suddenly, I didn’t feel so lonely anymore. I had company. I remembered that we are all in this together.
I decided that moment that the next morning,
when I woke up,
I would do something that would help one person remember
that they are not alone. Ever. And that they are loved. Always.

This is what spilled out on paper that morning.

“I thought I was the only one
with a hole in her heart”,

he said.

“But then I was walking around
and I saw that everyone does
and maybe the hole is just
the place for love to come in.”

May we all remember…
and remind each other…

with love,

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