6 months preggo last time. Photo by my hunky love. Please note: “up the duff” means “preggo”/”with child”/”I have been inseminated” in Australian. You’ll be hearing a lot of that around here.

Hey lovebugs,

Thank you OODLES + POODLES for celebrating our new joy of up-the-duff-ness.

I’m so excited + grateful to be sharing this new part of our journey with you. After nine years of blogging/writing love letters to the universe, I can’t imagine life without sharing TMI with you – the thousands of women out there who are just like me.

Anywaysies, I’ve had a coupla questions come up since the announcement. Firstly: Nope, I wasn’t pregnant when I wrote about changing our minds and deciding to have more than one kid. Secondly: Yep, we got preggo pretty quick – about the same time it took for us to get preggo the first time around. Thirdly: My hunky love is hilariously + sweetly embarrassed about being recognised for his proficiency in getting me up the duff. He’s also rather blush-y about the amount of times I’ve announced said pregnancy with “My husband has inseminated me! I am with child!” But seriously… he knew he was getting into this kind of ridunkulous nonsense when he fell in love with me. He’s lucky I haven’t changed our answering machine message to be it. Hmmm… there’s an idea.


I’ve also had peeps request any fertility tips I might have for helping getting things happening in the baby making department. I’m obviously not an expert and if you need more advice you should blah blah blah doctor specialist blah blah blah. I’m sharing this more as a “this worked for us and if you even get one thing out of this that might be of some use, that’d be rad” instead of a “THIS WILL FIX EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM AN UNPROTECTED SEX GENIUS.”

Cools. Now we’ve got that over with.

Here’s the 4 things that I think have been the most important for us in getting pregnant:


I’ve shared before about reasons for wiping out gluten before here.

Even if you don’t have Celiac Disease, you can still be gluten intolerant. I had no idea about that. Until I did.

According to research, up to 85% of fertility issues are caused by gluten.

I didn’t know any of that stuff though when I gave it up. I did it because I’m a hippy who had a vision:

Four years ago, my love and I felt the call to bring through a baby into the world.
And so we tried, and I thought we were pregnant, but then my periods came.
And I’d always had this feeling that something bigger was up with my fertility – I’d always had very irregular periods.

As I pondered why I wasn’t falling pregnant instantly, I started seeing this vision that my uterus was being coated with a mucus from gluten that was making it difficult for me to fall and stay pregnant.

The vision was SO clear and SO strong, I could feel it in my body. I knew without a doubt that it was true for me.

So I gave up gluten pretty much instantly.

Trust me, I did NOT WANT TO give it up. I effing LOVED bread and carbs. I spent my teenage years working in a bakery scarfing every known way wheat could be eaten by man.

But I wanted to have that little soul more than anything else.

So I gave it up. It was doable. Not always fun, but worth it to have a kid. I quit bread, and started using gluten free pastas + flour.

We were pregnant the next month.

A few years later I visited a naturopath, and she asked WHY I became gluten free.

So I trot out the usual story…

“Well… you know I’m a hippy… and I was wanting to get pregnant… and I saw this vision that my uterus was getting coated by mucus from gluten and it would make it difficult to get pregnant… so I did… and then felt WAY better from it.”

And her eyes got really big and wide and she said

“Ummm. Wow. Okay, well, you were right… that’s exactly what it does. And giving up gluten is the #1 thing we do with all our clients on fertility programs.”

Imanotgonnalie. I felt pretty dang chuffed at my level of intuition on that front.

I’ve stayed gluten free since then – I feel so much better for it. It’s part of the reason I created my Radiant Goddess program – because I believed that kind of food could have a real healing effect on our energy + life, and wanted to create an easier way to migrate into that kind of eating lifestyle.

Being gluten free is the most important thing in my fertility toolbelt, I reckon.

2. I know it’s hard, but try to keep a light heart about it all.

I didn’t really have a timeline for making this thing happen. I didn’t take a preggo test until I really had a feeling I was preggo. It would drive me batty otherwise.

Instead, I tried to place all my trust + faith in the universe + divine timing. Give over into the knowing that it would happen when the time was right.

Byron Katie is a magical priestess unicorn that can help alleviate the sads and start trusting that everything is gonna be okay. This book is one I just read + made me totally shit my pants with (evolved) excitement. This book is the one I began with + it’s a beautiful introduction to her work.

And I know it’s the hardest thing in the world for someone to say “Don’t be sad about this thing that is a legitimate reason to be sad!” That’s the shittest. If you need extra support + love + understanding, do give it to yourself hon. Counsellors, healers + therapists really are the bestest. I’m so grateful for the amount of professional help we’ve had over the years – they really do make such an amazing difference.

3. Know when you’re ovulating

Sounds silly I know. But you actually have to have sex when there are eggs on the spawn of River Lady Parts.

Otherwise the fishes are just throwing a bromance party in there going “WOO HOO! YEAH! WOO!” without actually, you know, inseminating anything.

They probably explain it better than me:

I really think I should be on Discovery channel or something. I’m charming. I have a unique take on biology. It would be rad.

The End.

4. Get intuitive healing/kinesiology

I call Hiro Boga the soul midwife of my kids for a reason. She’s definitely helped me in conceiving! My kinesiologist has also played a massive part in helping me + my body be open to having another kid.  I’ve had to clear out an enormous amount of energetic crap from my body over the last four years so I could get + stay preggo + be ready to welcome another soul into the world. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like therapy for every part of you.

I’m an unabashed hippy. I’m also a smart cookie.

I wouldn’t keep doing something unless I saw massive, tangible, powerful results in my life.

Finding an intuitive healer/kinesiologist/energy worker that works for you + gives you those kinds of results is really important. Seek ’em out, yo.

Acupuncture is also massively useful for getting preggo. I haven’t needed to use them for preggo-ness yet, but I use them for everything else, and they’ll be a part of my self care plan for the rest of this pregnancy + preparing for birth. Freakin’ miracle workers, those acupuncturists are!


Hope this was helpful in any tiny small way for you dearest.

Wherever you are, I’m sending you love + gentleness, faith + angels. May you always know just how wonderful you are.