Hola lovely hearts!

We’re doing another A to another Q. Aka: peeps be asking me this shiz all the time.

So Imagonna answer it here. Just in case you are asking it too.

It’s the question of all ages. The Big Kahuna. The one we all toss and turn about with.


Here’s what our questioning goddess asked:

I would like some tips for how to facilitate figuring out one’s divine purpose. I’m so ready to start my own endeavor, and I know I’m meant to do something. I’m just not sure exactly what it is. I’ve been searching for quite some time now, and I know everything happens when it’s supposed to but I would like a little help coaxing it along.

Awesome. Awesome. So to her and all the other soul purpose wonderers out there: she is so right when she says that it does take time, and it’s all a matter of divine timing. You find it when it finds you.

But we can help that inspiration journey along a tiny bit and give the universe a push in the right direction.

Have you heard that old joke, where the guy is praying, “God, please let me win the lottery, please let me win the lottery…” And then God comes down and says, “Meet me halfway—buy a ticket!”

It’s a bit like that.

So how do we win the soul purpose lottery? We’ve got to buy a ticket! I mean, you’ve got to show up and try things out…

Here’s what I recommend:

My recommendation is for you to play.

Now, when I say play, it may sound counter intuitive to making shit happen. But it’s not, because you’re playing with a goal in mind. You’re playing to find your purpose.


Make a Play-List

Start by writing a list of all the things from your childhood and adulthood that you are really interested in, and include things that you’ve always thought: “OOOOH! That might be interesting to try out!” or “Gosh I’d really love to try that.”

You know—all the things that are on your bucket list of experiences that you want to have.

DON’T censor yourself!

Don’t think, “I can’t put that because my mum hates that,” or “I can’t do that because I can’t make any money at that.”

Because how on earth do you know FO SHO if you don’t try it out?

So start by writing that list and then seeing if you’ve got any matches that you can start trying out right now. Like ASAP.
Like classes you could take, workshops you could dive into, peeps you could align with.
Start playing and seeking.
Whatever sparks an interest for you, seek that out and see if that’s your home.

I mean peeps, this does NOT SUCK AT ALL.


Getting to find your soul purpose is like the greatest fun on earth.

Stop making it a freakin’ chore. Stop making it your Eeyore story.

Write your damn list. And holy dinger, what a great to-do list it IS!

Try out all the things that you love, and see what sticks! That is an awesome job you have to do.

And when you find the one that feels like home, that’s the one that’s your soul’s purpose.


Sometimes it’s a long road home. And that’s okay.

When I left school I was a really determined little shit… And I had no freaking clue what I wanted to do in this world! And so I went to three different universities. I studied so many different subjects and they were all subjects that I thought that I would be interested in.

  • I studied anthropology.
  • I studied psychology.
  • I studied creative writing.
  • I studied journalism.
  • I studied economic history.
  • I studied philosophy (I thought I would be sooooo into it, but I wasn’t.)
  • I went to art school.
  • I did summer school in art colleges.
  • I did illustration courses.
  • I tried out spiritual modalities like meditation and reiki and shamanic drumming and all that sort of stuff.

It was so much fun exploring all of that. I had a blast!

But the thing that resonated with me happened when I was 21 or 22, and I went to a women’s circle. I stepped foot there and I thought to myself:

This is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. This is home.

And it has been! And what’s more, it has evolved in different ways.


It was such a perfect step into my purpose.

I ran retreats, I ran live workshops, and I did life coaching. I did oracle card readings. Then I started taking things more online. I sold my affirmations and spiritual artwork and prints online. And then I created creativity and spirituality e-courses and meditations. And I wrote books.

And all that evolved too, because I realized that I have a real passion as well for sharing my purpose in the biggest way possible and I worked out how to build my business muscles, and I realized I’d love to help other peeps and hippies with gifts do the same thing. So it all kind of flowed on from there. All in all: it’s been a blast. And I have no idea how it will keep evolving. I just know that it will. And that it will be ding dang glorious.

But I might never have found any of it (or it might have taken MUCH longer) if I hadn’t been so open and trying new things all the time.

Some of the groovy places I’ve landed + loved:

Playing with purpose

It’s a beautiful thing to play around until you find your soul purpose, and it doesn’t suck to play! It’s a great and a glorious and a wonderful thing.

Play isn’t just important to finding your soul’s purpose, either. Play can really be a spiritual practice. It can open up our hearts and our minds, it expands our creativity, it invites new people and things into our soul’s circle.

Sometimes I think we all get a bit too grown up and anal and brown polyester suit-ish and forget how to play… but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT.

It’s your choice, party peeps. Play is ding dang essential to creating a life you can love and grow into.


So I’d really encourage you to try out every little crazy thing that you’ve ever thought of and see what sings to you and see what says: here, here…

You’re home.

Get out there girl! A big, glorious world of joy awaits you!